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4 miles on the crunchy snow and ice. A run that was run rather "gingerly". A lot of slipping and sliding.
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20.7 mile trail run today. Frozen ground and snow to start (22 degrees) on first lap. Footing a bit tricky. Warmed up into mid 30's and 40's by second lap and just a muddy and sloppy mess. Saw quite a few deer and one of them a 12 pt with tines that had to be 10-12 inches tall. Lots of snow undisturbed in the woods was really a thing to see. Awesome run.
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4.5 including a mile only 10s off my PR
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4.5. Merry Christmas y'all.
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My six-year-old wants to go running with me. I figure a mile is about as far as he's likely to go. Anyone else have experience running with the whippersnappers?
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6.5 miles this morning followed by a two-hour workout. I'm feeling terrific.
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6.1 miles today. Merry Christmas to all.
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6 miles this morning on a beautiful sunny day in Brooklyn, immediately followed by some yoga. Been running all week but not posting here :/ Promise.

Now it's time to repeal all of those benefits and damage my body with food and drink for the rest of the day.
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11 xmasy miles for me today
67 miles last week. After my 2 week down period.
Its funny to feel out of shape after two weeks. Thats what not having a big lifetime base gets you.
Looking forward to getting back to our thread.

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7.7 frigid miles today.
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6 really wet cold miles in industrial wasteland Brooklyn. Was quite nice until I stopped and got cold.
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3 miles shakeout tn. Holiday bowl 5k tmro.
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Thank you, this is a great help - and a great plan. 


Did you write this, or did you out source this? 

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3 miles for me - not getting the miles in a the moment!
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4 miles in Manhattan this morning. A really good run, now headed to yoga.
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