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The thermometer on my front porch read 64º as I stepped off at about the same time this morning. I figured I probably will not get another morning this nice for running for a while so I kept on going and ended with a couple of blocks short of an impromptu half marathon.

And, five hours later, it has dropped to 49 degrees.

What a great run you had!
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Little over 5 today at recovery pace.
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3.5 this morning in DC. Very warm here.
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This morning, 4 miles. The temperature (wind chill) was 21 degrees. In contrast to yesterday morning when it was 60 degrees.
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I got in 7.5 miles today... on a treadmill.
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I run about 3 miles a day. I'm considering switching to Vibram's Five-Fingered Series. I've read that it takes a few weeks to adjust to the shoes, but I'm excited. Has anybody used them before? What do you think of them?

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bad idea. you don't run enough to have strong enough muscles to support yourself in them. I think that you risk injury. If you must, get a pair and rotate it with real running sneakers for 6-12 months to build strength before using them exclusively. Use them on grass, track, sparingly on road.

5.5 miles for me today.
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7.4 miles today.
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4.6 miles this afternoon.
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5 this AM, first run in a week, and I am going NUTS.
Working at the running store is paying off,
Got free nike structures, nike lunarglides, Mizuno Wave Riders and Brooks Pureflow this week.
I will try and post reviews if anything is really good or really bad.
Enjoying my rest.
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A few weeks ago I picked up a pair of track spikes to kick myself in the tail a bit, have been running 200m repeats and it's been yielding results - at the very least I'm enjoying the Thursday session much more than I used to. Anyway, today I decided to run alternating 45/60 200m intervals and see how long I could sustain it. After a few hiccups I ended up hitting the pace consistently, stopping after 30 minutes because I had to hurry up and get home to start getting ready.
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5K with some cross training.
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I called it an early day at the office and decided to get in about 8 miles this afternoon.
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3 for me, not having a very good training week!
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