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Recovery week is starting of nicely with a leisurely 4 miles today.
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Been running despite a head cold for about a week now, but has moved into a slight cough with chest congestion too. Hard to say no to running, but I'm figuring I should take it easy and skip workouts now?

I don't have a fever, aches, and feel otherwise fairly fine.
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4.2 miles today. Still in recovery mode for a few more days.

Congrats JS4 and SB on the races.
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Still pissed about my 1642 yesterday. . . . . I will run a fast 5k eventually I promise!
Splits 510/52S/523/Finish
I'd like to show some empathy here, but you're faster than anyone I know and would win most of the 5K's I've been in. Don't be so hard on yourself, you're pretty damn fast.
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In light of not having the Marathon on Sunday - I ran 26.2 in the Park - 3:40:33. It was pretty crazy to see so many people out there, was hard to even move around the finish line area.
That's awesome to do on your own with no crowd, water stations, or support. I don't know much about the details other than what I have read, but a real pain for you and others that signed up. Those that traveled must have been really pissed.

I apologize in advance if this post is long or too many pics.
Couple pics from running in Ireland:
This batch is from the marathon. 14K+ registered. Pic 1&2 are ahead of me at start and behind at start. This is wave 2 of 3 total that started 10 minutes apart. Pic 3 is a little part of town that people just came out to cheer to for us around the middle of the turn. Pic 4 is about 1/2 to 1 mile away from the finish. Grainy pic, but after running that far, it was a quick spin around. Awesome crowd support. Never seen anything like it. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

The next set of pics is from the Killarney National Park. If you ever get a chance to run or walk around in there, do it. Was like running in a movie or some kind of fairy tale. Most beautiful place I've ever run. The pics from my I-phone won't do it justice, but you get an idea. No where near the quality of the rest of the pics I got with the good camera, but can't run with that camera. It was still a bit dark out. Most are just on the path that I took through a field, stream, wooded area. Couple of awesome looking trees. The last 2 pics are where you turn around to go back. They are together. Ross Castle is the name and it is right on the lake.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Thanks for looking.
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5.9 yesterday burned up the pace for my old bones (40 minutes). I was gonna lift instead, and even though it was cold as hell I decided to run, cause I ain't runnin in the Noreaster coming.
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7 miles yesterday morning. Sunny and cold. Bring on the nor'easter!

Reading Once A Runner for inspiration.
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4 miles for me - slow and hard work for some reason.

Good pictures from Dublin!

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6 yesterday w 5 miles barefoot on grass. I have gotten in the bad habit of running too hard on my easy days - 630-640 pace.
Took it way easy this am for 6 miles.
Will probably run again tonight.
Both my iPhone and mynmacbook charger have crapped out in the past 36 hours so I am feeling generally in the dark.
Thank god for iPad i suppose.
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I'm tapering for a race in two weeks... Did five miles last night. Today is all about swimming.

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Interesting article on running the NY marathon make-up race in Dublin's Phoenix Park for the Irish runners that missed out. Not sure if this is happening in multiple locations.

He said there had been discussions between the Dublin and New York organisers over the weekend and it had been agreed that runners who took part in the Phoenix Park event “will race in their New York vests and will be given the New York medals”.

Full article:
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3.7 miles late this afternoon. It was a slow run to prevent aggravating my injured hip, again, which is what I did during last Saturday's unwise run. The run was fine, and followed by a session of yoga-for-runners.
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After two months filled with injuries in which I only ocassionaly played half a field hockey match I started running again last week.

It's not far, It's not fast, but after all that time it feels great just to run without any problems.


(I was stupid to dive in the forest do, had to slow right down on the sandy path, it was pitch black out there, must have cost me around half a minute or more. rolleyes.gif)
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Ran just over 5km on the treadmill this morning.
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Time more my mandated "week" off. Usually only make it to 5 days, helps that I came down with something...
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4 miles today - still a recovery week for me so I'm supposed to keep it very slow, around a 10:30 pace, but I got bored so I ran it as fast as I could. Finished with a 8:43 average pace, which I think is the fastest I've ever finished a run.
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Crappy day. Came home and had a glorious run. 7 miles. Perfect weather, 40 degrees. Running is great therapy.

The trusty Newton shoes:

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