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4.6. Aches and pains everywhere. Hoping this is related to the cold my wife so generously shared with me...
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Halloween taking its toll.
Great 18 miler yesterday to the top of the Coastal Peak. Really felt Easy despite my hangover. I think I am going to jump in a 50k for fun in December.
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10 miles today. Another new record distance, I'm adding one mile to my long runs just about every week (one long run per week), until I get to maybe 13 miles. The 10 miler felt great, and I actually ran the 2nd half faster than the first half, which I didn't think I'd be able to do.
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I don't know how old you or susceptible to injury you are, Beatlegeuse, but I've found that I'm able to add a mile to the long run each week as long as the other runs stay about the same distance. Going for too much additional mileage per week has always led to some sort of injury which sets me back further than if I'd just added that one mile per week.

Nonetheless, good stuff! Congratulations on the PR distance.
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^ thanks! I'm 31, and about 2 months ago I tried adding too much distance too quickly, and ended up getting injured. I was adding like 2-3 miles per week (going from 3 mile runs to over 7 in under 2 weeks). I've definitely learned my lesson and I'm adding mileage much slower now. My other runs during the week are a lot shorter, usually around 5 miles, which I feel I can do relatively easily now.
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Tapering for my marathon this Sunday, but couldn't resist being an idiot and going for a run in the middle of Sandy. Ran along the James River and the wind gusts and rain were BRUTAL but it was a lot of fun. So much fun in fact I did 6 instead of my planned 3.

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hope yall are safe in the storm!
Beautiful moonlit 10 for me tonight
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Did 18-19km in almost 90mins yesterday... Was quite relaxed so felt good after I checked the distance smile.gif
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Took yesterday off, today, did 5.77 through my hood. We were lucky and were spared any power loss or damage in my building, but the neighborhood was pretty hard hit, with some soil erosion by my trail off the water. Lots of people without power, but most seem to be ok. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
My school:
and then across the street from my place:
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Ran the Dublin marathon Monday. On vacation and couldn't pass the opportunity to do this one. It was 9 days after my last one, so I took it easy and ran a comfortable pace for the whole run. Finished in 3:53 and was sitting in a pub with a glass of water and a glass of Jamison a couple hrs after the run. Not too sore this time and feeling good for 47 y/o. I was absolutely amazed by the support of crowds here Any of you that have done this one please chime in. Every street corner in every little part of town had people cheering. The last mile was shoulder to shoulder, several deep, cheering everyone on. The noise was incredible. Everyone cheered for every runner like they were their parents. Never been part of anything like it before. Have pics but can't load from here. Will post in future.

Stay safe east coast guys.
Nice job BG on the distance.
SBB- 50k for fun is an awesome run good luck. You've got some great legs at the pace and distance you are running. Im sure you'll do well. Hoping to hit one myself for a Feb run if not sooner.

Pubs and sites are really great here in Dublin. Off to Killarney on Friday.
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Winging It - excellent time, wish I could do that 9 days after the last one!

NYR - Must be some unhappy car and house owners in your neck of the woods..

In comparison Northumberland is just cold and damp and a bit blustery. I did 3 miles at 8:30 pace at lunchtime
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10k tomorrow morning ...
Since my slightly longer run on monday, my outer knee (left) hurts. The run this morning ended pretty painful (didnt have any trouble in the beginning). Sucks.

50k bike this evening without any problems though... strange
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Eq, people are just glad to be the confirmations come in the death toll in NYC is going to rise DRASTICALLY. Gas company employees are finding bodies when they go to shut off gas in some evac zones...its incredibly sad.

Here's a video from a friend of mine showing the best and worst of my neighborhood during the storm, you'll recognize some of the spots from my run pictures. Raw nature is incredibly beautiful, and some people are incredibly stupid. The parents who took those little kids out deserve child endangerment charges.
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