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4 miles today, still pretty slow. Going to try a longer run this weekend.
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6.6 mile easy run today.
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7 miles this morning. The run helped to relieve a lot of stress and put me in a great mood for the weekend.
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4 miles, commuted home from work at 7:30 pace. Taper really starting to fuck with my head.
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9.5 after work, at a really really slow easy pace of about 10min/mile. hadn't run in about a week so it felt good. didn't feel tired at all at the end honestly, probably due to the pace.

getting ready for my first half marathon in 6 weeks!
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This morning, 8 K
7.40 pace

Temp 30 degrees, no wind (yay!)
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4.35 miles this morning. A good run, but and even better workout afterwards.
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Last Night - 6 easy
Today 16 with 6 mile tempo at half marathon pace.
Pretty dang tired now.
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7 miles today, longest run for me since I injured my back almost 2 months ago. Felt great, and I'll try and increase to an 8 mile run next Sunday.
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8.5 mile trail run this morning with a couple climbs of about 200' each which is pretty brutal for Southeast Michigan.
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12 mile fast finish long run today. 6 easy, 6 at what equated to half marathon pace. Interesting run with 20-30 mph winds and lots of rolling hills.
Last long run prior to next Saturday marathon. Felt great today, getting antsy for the run.
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19:02 5k today. jumped off my bike and jumped in the race for the lolz, took it easy before big race next week.
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Sam: nice 16 miler!

wingin'' it: Good luck in your marathon next week!

About11oclock: That's a super fast 5k for taking it easy - great job!

Me: 10 easy miles in the mid-day heat of 90 degrees.
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training/taper looking good 11 - just let your body do what you've been training it to do. You will crush it.

everyone else - looking strong.

8 easy for me today/
71 for the week.
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I woke up at about 5:00 a.m. to go running. It was warm for this time of year (mid 50s) but the wind was gusting to about 45 mph. I decided to go watch TV in the den instead.
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