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How many miles did you run today? - Page 490

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4 extremely lazy recovery miles. #feelsgoodman.
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9.6 miles today.
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3.25 miles tonight. Alternating 2 mns run / 1mn walk this time. I broke a sweat.
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6 miles. Averaged an 8 minute mile.
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8 miles for me. Last run of any note before the marathon next weekend
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Recovery 8. I really need to go to an orthopedist. I don't know what's wrong with my legs, but they've been killing me these last few weeks.
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5.2 mi in 41:27. Nice early morning run.
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17 in the rain this morning. nice easy pace.
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Running in the rain is great.
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A short 5KM run this morning.
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7.5 this afternoon. Ran home from my son's soccer game out on Marina Green.

Saw some America's Cup-related catamarans while there and later saw them tied up near the ballpark:

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4.3 early this morning before catching a flight.
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Sugarbutch - I grew up with a ton of yachties at the San Diego Yacht Club - got to go to the last cup because my friends dad was the chief boat designer for Luna Rosa (the Prada team). Those guys know how to party, but its a weird, weird world.

Today 13 am with a 4 mile tempo in 538/540/546(uphill)/532
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Running has been strange recently.
Either, my hip flexor starts hurting after 45 to 50 mins or so.
And, as a new addition: since thursday, I get cramps in my quadriceps when running downhill. Never had issues with cramps before, nothing in my nutrition changed. Still, the phenomena returned yesterday and I had to fight against the cramps after my run until the evening. Funny stuff.

Wish I had my bike but after an accident last monday, the fork is damaged and I have to spend $$$ for a replacement. Fuck carbon.
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Did 3 today! :)

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