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Thank you for the compliments on the mile - My goal was sub 5 and I had some kick left in me the last 400 mrters or so.
Got in 7.9 miles this morning in CP in 51:31 for a 6:31 pace. Gunning for a sub 3 NYC, not going to be easy, but it's within reach.

I think the rouch mcmillan equivalent of a 451 is like a 245 for the marathon! I know the new york course is hard though. You and 11 are both gonna kill it.
(I know 11 is running another marathon similar weekend)
4am and
9pm yesterday with 4 x 1 mile in a crappy 520ish pace. Should have been faster but I am sick and the toll from the mileage has gotten my legs feeling a bit tired. It was also my bday - so I was a bit distracted!
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one of my regular 5 1/2 mile runs in 8:30 pace. Its been a goal of mine since Jan to get around that particular quite hilly run comfortably at 8ish min mile pace so whilst trivial in the context of you 4 and 5 min milers I'm quietly pleased with myself for having done it..
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3 miles. Knee caps covered in bandages from yesterday's scraping fall on the sidewalk. frown.gif

Good 1 hour workout in the gym.
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

Thanks but I have a decent awareness of my own physical condition. If I tell you that I ran a little over 2 miles, walking half of the time and was exhausted, you should believe me when I say "one step at a time". I'll think about running a 10+ mile race after I successfully complete at least a 5k.

Besides just running every day you can, don't neglect physical conditioning. A solid total body core workout will add miles to your running.
Something I don't do enough: Remember to drink water even when it is cold. We sweat when it's cold, too.
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easy four-miler, recovery from yesterday's track session.
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8 miles this morning

Happy birthday, Sam!

Cheers, Equus! Progress is progress.
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11 today with tempo intervals.
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7.86 miles in 54:50 in Central Park, in the rain. legs are startign to feel good pounding the pavement again.
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5.4 easy run today. Great weather. Thought I'd feel terrible after yesterday's run, but felt great the whole run.
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6.25 miles
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13 this morning with 3 X 15 minute "cruise intervals" and a long warm up and warm down. Light rain was grate.
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4.5 - 5 am
8 pm with fartlek. I didn't wear a watch but did 8 reps of going hard. 10 minutes total hard running only (for the ons) but probably ran 450 pace for the on parts. I need to get some speed in my legs after feeling slower on the tuesday workout. Now relaxing
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3 miles for me, reasonably fast (for me).
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5.7 yesterday, felt like 57.
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3 miles. Followed by a killer gym workout with a new trainer. (He is excellent.) Gotta keep thinking: "I know this will be good for me."
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