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I slept a bit later this morning than planned and it looked like it was about to start storming but I still got in 3.25 miles with a bunch of sprint intervals in there.

I hate sprints.
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8.5 with 5x600m thrown in the middle at 5K pace, those were rough intervals.
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Northface Endurance Challenge Midwest on Sat.
Ran the half and then went back and ran the last half of the 10K with my pops.
Need to train more, the hills hurt.
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ffffuuuu.gif trying to get out of here so i can hit the trail
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Still in Chicago. A morning run through Lincoln Park and the Gold Coast. 10 miles
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Took the weekend off to go racing, and back at it today. 14.9 miles. The last two were all-out war. Saw some interesting stuff, though:

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am 6 slow
pm 6 slow
pm 145 pushups . . . . . . in so many sets it was horrifying.
Being at 7200 feet and running hills is DRAINING . . . feeling more and more tired each. My bed time has crept up 30 minutes earlier each night.
Tomorrow's 4 x 1400 meter hill workout should be interesting.
BTW sugarbutch: what type of racing? - and nice mileage. Your running gets stronger every week. Good to see.
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8 miles for me yesterday eve
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5 for me last night in between storms, and I saw this bullfrog. Not sure if the picture does him justice - he was huge!

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11 this morning. cool to be running manhattan streets when the sun comes up.
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Originally Posted by samblackbones View Post

BTW sugarbutch: what type of racing?

We've been doing this for almost five years.
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Reading this thread every day is really making me want to start running again....I injured my back about 10 days ago and I haven't been able to run at all, which sucks ass. It's finally starting to feel a bit better today, but I'm going to rest up for the remainder of this week and hopefully it will be almost fully healed by Saturday. I'm signed up for THIS and I don't want to miss it, so I'm hoping I don't aggravate the injury!
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Everyday I try to running 4 miles at 6 am. But today I run 6 miles and I am feeling more relaxed today. So I am thinking to increase my running steps.

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6 miles today in beautiful fall weather.
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7.25 with intervals.
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