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Originally Posted by samblackbones View Post

Lots of stuff besides daily mileage comes up on this thread. Its a good place to discuss ins and outs of training.
What marathon are you training for wingin it?
And do you like the mcmillan program? Is it Greg McMillan who gives you coaching feedback?

Thanks for the info and reply. Going to do the KC race in late October. It's going to get pretty interesting because I'm going to Ireland the week after the KC run and they have the Dublin marathon going on then too. It's 9 days after the KC run. I'm going to try for that one too, but at a much slower pace and just enjoy it. 2 big runs in 9 days.

The GMcM plan really mixes up what his website articles discuss. I really like it. Long runs, intervals, tempo, track, recovery, easy runs, and days off and all mixed in. The really cool thing about it is that while the schedule of what type of running and what day you do is the same week after week, the actual training run is never the same week after week. Keeps it interesting and you still know what to expect.

The plan I bought was the 16 week. Starts with a nice survey about what you normally run, your previous races, strengths, weaknesses, days off, what you want to accomplish, etc. For coach at his level, less than $8 a week for a plan isn't too bad. I think he looks them over at times, but his staff also answers questions for you. I did not buy the monthly coaching as it is too much in both cost and needs for my normal running. The articles on his site are pretty good.

Anyway, some of my starting discussion questions are:
1. How do you fuel for runs of 18+ miles or practice marathon runs (race pace or quicker long runs)?
2. Any experience trying either Hammer perpetuem or Hammer Sustained energy?
3. What shoes do you prefer for marathon length races?

How about yourself SamBB, what's the 2 a days leading up to?
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My guess is that they're leading up to awesomeness. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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6.7 miles today, another PB for me. Kept a 9:35 pace throughout - felt great too, I probably could have kept going but it was starting to get late.
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I did 2 miles early this morning. My knees don't make me do more. I am proud that I made it though. I gotta stay fit even at my age. :)

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haha - the 2 a days are part of the plan that my coach has drawn up for me. Before getting a coach I would run many less 2 a days and more like 10-12 mile average daily runs (all ran TOO FAST).
With a coach the focus has changed to being rested enough to go really hard during workout days (tempo/fartlek/track/long run).
I am getting ready to run some local college xc meets, and am focusing on running a couple of fast 10k's and one 10 miler on the roads this fall. I would like to go sub 15:40 in the 5k and sub 33:45 in the 10k . . . . . . (One day)

For marathon fueling I have used Gu in 5 of my 6 marathons and used Cliff Shot Blocks in the other. I generally eat one gu 15-20 mins before the start of the race, and then eat a gu every 45 minutes (7 miles or so) during the race. That usually works OK. In Boston this year I learned that it is silly not to carry salt tablets - getting low on salt was one of the factors that ruined my race, so I would look into getting S Tabs or something of the sort. I have never tried Hammer products, but many of my try buddies swear by their stuff. I just use gu espresso flavor.

The most important thing with marathon fueling is to practice it on your long runs. I switched to shotblocks without using them much before my target race, and ended up suffering as a result.

7.5 for me today
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Originally Posted by lynnsebastian21 View Post

I did 2 miles early this morning. My knees don't make me do more. I am proud that I made it though. I gotta stay fit even at my age. smile.gif
Good work. Keep it up. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Doing a half marathon training team. 8 miler this morning in 1:10. First time I've run more than 6.2 miles in 10+ years. Felt like ass until mile 6, but then suddenly felt amazing and killed the last two miles.
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Ran the Crim Festival of Races 10 Mile Race, today, in Flint, MI. Maybe there were 12,000 running that particular race. It was hot and humid, but thanks to hundreds of people who had their garden hoses and sprinklers aimed at the street, runners could stay fresh. A well organized race. Beautiful course. Flint has suffered so much, but there is still much beauty left in the city. It has some of the most interesting and well preserved residential architecture anywhere. For the first time, the race was organized by "waves". Still, each wave had several thousand runners in it. But it worked well. I kept a 9 minute mile fairly steady. A lot of people misjudged the heat and spent themselves. I remembered to take water even when I did not think I needed it. Ready for the next race!
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16 miles for me. 12 minutes faster than the same run last weekend which I was pleased with.
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Sounds like fun, CP! I love the energy from the spectators at races.
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Sounds like fun, CP! I love the energy from the spectators at races.

You are certainly right. There is something about a really big race with really big crowds that encourages one to persevere in spite of weather etc.... It gets the adrenaline going.
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Nike+ had me 11mi@10'10"/mi, but after reviewing the run think I was closer to 12mi@9'30"/mi
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3 miles this afternoon prior to a workout.
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3.1 miles this morning at 8:36 pace.....first time I ever finished a 5K under 27 minutes. Shorter than all my runs last week, but my pace was a full minute faster than my longer runs.
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18.2 miles @ 8:58 pace. A bit cooler at 75 degrees, but a little more humid as it rained here (finally).

Tried the Asics DS Gel racer 8's today. Not bad, but not as good as the Brooks Racer ST5's. May try the Mirage II's next week.
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