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Welcome, Beatlegeuse!
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welcome man. This thread is like a training group/running club of sorts - definitely helps me keep training.
6 miles late tonight.
120 minutes on tap for the AM . . . .
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^ thanks guys, seeing how many miles most of you post will definitely keep me inspired to try running longer distances. My goal is to make it up to a half marathon by the end of the year biggrin.gif
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6 miles. This morning, the temp was 44 degrees! Amazing, for August 18. I had to run just a little faster to keep warm.
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3 miles this morning...81 and sunny down south! I finished with a 8:45 pace over the course of the 3 miles, which is about as fast as I can run for that distance. Until I get my stamina back up, I'll have to slow it down a bit if I want to start running some longer distances.
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16 miles for me in about 25C heat, hot for a Brit!
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Hoping the weather stays nice and moderate through next Saturday. That's when I will be running the Flint (MI) Crim Festival of Races Ten Mile Race. It is the largest (10 mile) race in Michigan--nearly 11,000 will run the ten mile race. Several more thousand will run the other (shorter) races.

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Just put out there that the Nike+ running app is pretty awesome. Definitely recommend to anyone who runs with an iPhone.
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There's some nice running being done here, fellas.
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3 miles this afternoon prior to a workout.
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17.7 This AM - 654 average for the run.
Hot as balls, but miles 10-16 were all decent pace. if you want to see the splits.
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sam thats fucking fast jesus. 4.5 for me today, had to do a little something before fucking working all fucking day fuck.
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3 miles.
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Another 4.8 yesterday in Cape May, back in BK now ad hockey three nights in a row...I prob won't be running until next weekend.
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6 easy miles
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