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3 miles for me again
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7 today. The heat is bad.
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8 slow miles.
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3 miles before the sunrise. Temps were already in the mid 70s with 100% humidity. The high, today, will hit 100. No relief until Sunday. Can't complain. At least, we have power. Yesterday, 150,000 customers in lower Michigan were without power due to the storm.
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I didn't get any miles in today, but am going to continue and try to stay committed to my 7 miles every other day goal. Its funny I can run further without music, and enjoy the peace I get when I am able to concentrate specifically on my breathing, but sometimes music can help motivate me when I start to hit that wall. Do you enjoy running with music or on your own?

Kindest Regards
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5.5, easy
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8 miles last night. Couldn't go until 9:30pm and it was actually good to run without the heat (it was still around 80 when I went) for once. Not many people around, which sadly meant few cute coeds to oggle, but it's good to run without distractions too. Although I did experience one of my ultimate running pet peeves, when some guy started accelerating just after I passed him, and stayed a few steps behind. I get people doing that during a race, but it's annoying when it happens otherwise. Had to Speedy Gonzalez my pace to get rid of him.

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I need music on the treadmill, but out in the world, it's not worth the hassle.
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Originally Posted by about11oclock View Post

7 today. The heat is bad.

Tomorrow's a running day for me...taking the kids to the beach REAL early and hoping they'll stay, so I'm pondering asking the wife to drop me off at some point between our place and the beach, and just finishing up there. Supposed to be 99 tomorrow, I'm thinking 4 miles would be good. Will keep you posted...
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bunch of miles last few days
did a 5k fartlek pretty quick thurs on the 'mill
and a 4 mile tempo tonight on the trails. 542 avg. Not as fast as I hoped but still pretty good.
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7 miles for me, t minus 13 weeks till marathon day
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5 miles this morning in Boston. It felt good to run in more moderate temps for change compared to the 104 temp I left in Indianapolis.
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4.6 , someone kicked the treadmill cord
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It was a good day for running, I waited until my son was just about to take his morning nap, put him in our baby jogger and was planing on going for
7 miles but considering I fooled myself into taking off this entire week of running because of the holiday, I knew that I felt good. I am looking forward to
getting in the car tonight and driving the route to see just how far I went. Its nice to check in daily, almost motivating and just the accountability I needed
to stay on track.

Kindest Regards
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13 on the tm. Just about my limit running indoors.
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