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Originally Posted by Thomas View Post

belated congratulations for finishing WS in under 24 hours! That's a monumental achievement!

This. A genuinely super human achievement physically and mentally.
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6 recovery miles in the heat. jedi training for summer racing.
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No motivation these days. Just wanna get started with a proper triathlon bike but it's so hard finding one that fits my budget.

However, today:
15min warmup
8x5min with 3min rest
10min cool down
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treadmill 6.5, you should have seen the girl climbing the elliptical in front of me...
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8 miles this evening. I have a 4th of July 5k in 7 hours!

Happy running everybody!
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5.71 miles yesterday afternoon on the treadmill. It was too hot to run outside in the heat of the day.
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Ran a Fourth of July 5K race this morning in a quaint country village nearby. Even though the race was at 8 a.m., the heat index was already over 100 degrees. I remembered to keep my head up and to breathe with control. My time was about 27 minutes--very good for me. And, I wasn't a wreck when finished. The only hard part of the race was that there was no water along the route. Even a water hose/sprinkler would have been welcome. Oh well, good fun. (There was water and bananas at the finish line.) Happy Independence Day.
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a really gross 5 miles fuck the heat fuck. yoga time fuck
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6.2 miles today. Missed a 10K race this morning, so did it on my own. I run slow, 55 min for 6.2 miles, but felt good since I'm just getting into it.
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6.2 miles today, hot as eff out.
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6 miles, Happy 4th of July to my American friends icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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am) 6 miles EZ
pm) 7 w/ 30 mins easy followed by 8x400 pretty fast with real short rest.
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4 miles.
LOTS of elevation changes.
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5k. First run in more than two weeks. Ankle still janky. ffffuuuu.gif

Nice scenery, though:

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3 miles back home in the 91-degree morning heat. Would have run more but started to feel as if I was overheating.
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