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I got in just under 9 miles this morning. When I set off on my run at 5:15 a.m. it was already 74º degrees out. At least it wasn't too humid out.
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4.4 today.
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Anyone here tri?
Looking forward to finally buy a bike as I've been combining swimming & running for several years now, only the lack of a bike being the reason for not doing triathlon.
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6.5 miles at 7:45 minute pace. Got up at 530 and ran down the east river path. Great views.
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3 miles again for me
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7 for me at 7:40 pace. Fucking hot.

Sidenote, WTB your used garmin/nike sportswatch....
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7 miles this morning in Chicago. A really good run.
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Ran about 5 miles, last night, around 10 p.m. in London.....ONTARIO.....when temps "dropped" to the upper 80s.
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got in like 12 weds in two runs,
8.5 yesterday in what was like 80 % run 20 % hike on the coast of CHile,
6 tonight shakeout - I am running a 6k mañana
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6 this afternoon
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4 miles in about 30 minutes--a good pace for me. Temps, this morning, in the mid 60s but the humidity is 74%. Another 90+ degree day coming. Can't complain: NO MOSQUITOES (our state bird)

Trying to not clench my fist when running.
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Another 6
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6 for me as well. Lovely running weather in Northumberland after our freak super cell thunderstorms of Thursday!

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5.5 miles in 95ish weather outside Philadelphia. Felt great but I ate like a pig the rest of the day; can't get rid of the hunger.
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4 miles late this afternoon before dinner.
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