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Originally Posted by JayJay View Post

Disappointingly, I ran through an area of the beach that was just trashed - plastic bottles, Styrofoam cups, paper, glass, and whatnot - all over the place. It was a public section where people simply walked away from their trash the day before. It sickened me to see it, and to know that people can be so careless, thoughtless, and despicable.

This gets me no matter where it is. But a beach is such a beautiful place and people are just so lazy/thoughtless. I find its mostly suburbanites who have no regard for others around them because their daily lives don't dictate a need for regard for others...they're in their own universe. In my neighborhood its the kids (teenagers) and I'm always the cranky old man yelling at them to pick up their garbage when they throw it on the street. "You're just gonna leave that there?" is my favorite line to which they sulk off, pick it up, and walk the 5 feet the the garbage thats on EVERY CORNER.

Originally Posted by SirGrotius View Post

Passed by an old-school Memorial Day baseball game, with authentic 1920s attire. Kind of cool vibe. .

Thats is AWESOME

6.7 for me with sunburned feet from a morning/afternoon at the beach.
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Looking forward to hearing how clarinet player did on his 5k.
Re: the careless beach pollution - running has made me appreciate the importance of being a responsible human being - I see people do so much dumb shit for no reason other than laziness or inconsiderateness.

8 today with memorial day 5k in 16:59. Booked it hard to get in under 17 . . . . I felt like I was running through pudding the entire time until I broke free in the last 100 meters. Still a decent effort.
9th overall and 3rd age. 3.16 for the Garmin - so the course was legit. Very fun day. Three friends did very well (3rd/2nd over all in the 5k and 1st in the half marathon).

Happy memorial day all.
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Wow, Sam you have gotten so fast. Nice job!!!
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3 miles here first thing this morning - I'm not a morning person so hard work!
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Nice Sam! I am starting to get worried about my 2.5mi race :-\ Hope I perform well....
Did 12.5mi slow yesterday, some strength workout today...
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8 Miles today, on some new trails I didnt knew existed with an old timer. It was fun to run with this dude, he knows every square inch of this area.
We were out for about 1:15.
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6 miles this afternoon, starting to regret saying how much I loved the heat, today was BRUTAL.
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Yo, CP, how'd you do in your race? I saw you in the MC casual thread, so I know you're alive... biggrin.gif
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Ran the Grand Prix Shake Down 5K on Detroit's fantastic Belle Isle. Gorgeous setting. Temps were in the upper 80s, but the humidity was low. Still, I'm not used to running in the heat and took it easy. Time: 28 minutes. During the race, Roger Penske drove past the runners in a race car cheering everyone on. This was the first test for my new Newton Gravitas shoes. For the past year, I've been running in Altra Instinct. Didn't hate 'em. Didn't love 'em. Recently, I've returned to my trusty old Newtons. I like the tweaks they have made in the new design. Especially, more room in the toes.

About 300 ran the race. Not bad for a Tuesday evening. First pic: post race pizza.



Midway on the race, I had a Sarah Palin moment: "I can see Canada..." Of course, in Detroit, Canada is south of the US.
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Ah, I thought the race was held over the weekend. Sounds like a good time!
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Thanks for the kind words guys
Morefire - you are gonna kill it man. Your training is rock solid. Better than 95% of runners I know.
CP I would kill for a tuesday night race. . . . looked like an awesome evening for it.
Ran 8 today including the first 1.5 miles of a really steep climb. Felt totally spent after 2 miles on soft sand at the start (high tide . . . . ) jumped in the ocean at the end of the run. Water was warm.
Lifted PM
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Sam, you make me wish I'd started running in my 20s.
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4 miles before breakfast for me!
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Sam, you make me wish I'd started running in my 20s.

I never ran a step until 5 years ago. Now, that I am LXII, I, too, wish I had taken it up when I was in my 20s. tongue.gif

Because so many races are on Sunday mornings, I am grateful for races on other days. (I am a church organist; Sunday morning is a work day for me.) There are two races a year, other than the Detroit Marathon, that take place on Belle Isle; both are on Tuesday evenings. I'm hoping to run the (first ever) Ann Arbor half marathon in June. (There is also a marathon course.) I've never run a half. My longest races have been 10 miles--the Crim Race in Flint.

This morning: 3 miles in 22 minutes. Off to TRX/kettelbell class.
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Ran 5.2 miles this morning in about 55 minutes through my neighbourhood on a mixture of road, sidewalk and dirt trail.
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