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I "ran" 10 miles with some serious hills in Zion National Park today. It was awesome. I say "ran" because I wasn't physically capable of running up the 30%+ sections of the trail to Angel's Landing. And the last half mile to Angel's Landing was scrambling anyway... Fun day though!

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Nice Quevola. You are running San Diego right? Do you run for a club?
I may do the half.
6 am and 6 pm today for a 102 mile week.
The mileage has been good, and I am not too beat up. I am going to start cutting back this week and race the carlsbad 5000 on sunday for my club. The thought of putting all of my fitness on the line in Boston is scary, but hopefully it will be worth it!
Should be fun.

Way to go Sam - congrats on going over the century mark for the week!

I have the OC HM coming up in May and my goal marathon Ojai 2 Ocean in June. I'll also be running Carlsbad on Sunday, but I'm sure I won't see you there since the old farts like me start at 7 am. Good luck on Sunday.

12 hilly miles.
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Got in 5.7 miles on the treadmill yesterday in 32:54 doing speed work, ran an easy 3.36 thismorning in CP in 34:48.
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^ Nice pace...

5.5 today
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4 miles this morning.
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10 yesterday w/ 4x400 at uptempo/5k pace. Did not feel very good.
6 am today, may not run again tonight, but I will feel lazy
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3 miles this morning followed by a good strength/core workout.
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managed to run 7 last night
10 today with an attempted 3x800 at 5k pace. Couldn't muster it really except on one of the 8's so I am thinking Sunday's race will not furnish a dream result. Oh well. Marathon training and 5k training just aint the same.
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5 miles today. I wonder how worth it, since I eat so much more when I work out.
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3 miles this morning in DC.
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0 today.
First off day since mid february. I need it!
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Been gone a good while-mainly focused on work and RUNNING.
PR today 10K in 43 minutes and change
5K down below 20 minutes.
Ice Age 50 coming up in a little over a month, so Im cramming miles in where ever I can get them.
Broke my dreadmill, so im 100% outside.
Hope all is well.
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Congrats on the PR, antirabbit.
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Little over 5 yesterday, up to Piazzale Michelangelo and back. Was hungover as shit, so that sucked. Great view though:

Thanks iphone biggrin.gif
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