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5.5 miles
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3 miles. Easy. I picked up the pace a bit given that my foot has been fine during recent runs. I'm happy to be running again.
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Today's 24 miler. I recall the time I did this before San Diego (my current PR) I did this at about 730 pace. Today felt pretty easy and I was closer to 706. I feel like I am in good 50k -50 mile shape right now. Sadly my goals are in the shorter distances
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^^^Sam, that's impressive.
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5.5 miles
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I ran 6.25 hilly miles in Washington, UT this morning. The dry air is a bit hard on my body which is used to sea level in the Bay Area. Nice place though... Out here visiting my parents.
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Managed to sneak in 2.8 around Sears Point this morning before racing started. Turn 2 is a killer.
The sights (Click to show)
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4 easy to cap off 68 for the week.
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Nice Quevola. You are running San Diego right? Do you run for a club?
I may do the half.
6 am and 6 pm today for a 102 mile week.
The mileage has been good, and I am not too beat up. I am going to start cutting back this week and race the carlsbad 5000 on sunday for my club. The thought of putting all of my fitness on the line in Boston is scary, but hopefully it will be worth it!
Should be fun.
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Got in another solid GWB to Piermont run on The Long Path this Staurday - 34.98 miles in 5:41:45 and I had to walk most of the bridge on the way back due to bike traffic, you'd think it was the Tour de France out there. Next long run will be in the 45-50 mile range in 2 weeks. Ran a light recovery of 3.5 miles in 41:12 on Sunday. Legs are feeling surprisingly good this monring.
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Awesome Myles. Western states better watch out. With 120 half speed and enough of these 30's you will be beast mode.
had my last workout pre - taper today.
2 mile warmup w/ 8 mile tempo cutting down from 610 first mile to 544 last mile
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Cold weather returned this morning. Temps around 30. Our way-too-early spring has left. Did 5 miles.
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Tuesday morning: 23 degrees. Ran four miles and felt like my fingers were going to turn into ice--even though I was wearing mittens. A few weeks of warm weather has spoiled me.
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5.5 miles
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10. D9d 4x400 just to try and feel race pace for a 5k sunday, but felt really uncomfortable. Who knows how it will go.
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