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10 late last night, 7 this morning.

Happy running peeps!
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6 - 6.5 AM yesterday
10 PM w/ 5x 1 mile in 5:35 5:35 5:37 5:36 5:33. Felt strong but I do not have much pop/speed right now. That is sort of the story of marathon training though. Once my mileage gets above 75 MPW I start having to eat 4 square meals a day and sleeping 8+ hours a night. I love it.
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Well, it's nothing like what Sam's doing, but I got in six today with a PR for 5k. I had a strict deadline to finish up in time to pick up my boys. As it turned out, that PR kept me from being late!
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Hilly/Slow 15 today AM
5 PM w/ core + weights.
Its been weird having to run long on wednesday to accommodate weekend races. This weekend I am running 10K. After that it is 4 weeks of heavy marathon stuff before the Carlsbad 5000 which is 15 days before Boston. Hopefully I will get a good 5k in to give me some confidence going into the marathon taper.
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4 miles.
I am happy that this habit is becoming more and more consistent!
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Erm... I rode 50 miles. Does that count? satisfied.gif

Actually I am working up to doing a tri so i need to get my ass of the bike (my ass will thank me) and start pounding the tarmac. Better learn how to swim too I suppose.
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6 miles
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Put down 7 this am
8 this pm w/ 4 @ about 5:45 pace.
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4 miles on Tuesday and 4 miles again today. Doing 10 miles on Saturday as last long run before a half marathon - my first - in two weeks. Really excited.
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Another 6 for me this am ... ( 5.5 but 6 sounds better)
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3.5 in the rain before the storm really hit!
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blackbowtie - you'll have a blast at the half. Good Luck!

11 + for me last night. Some dim sum I ate for lunch yesterday has made me feel NOT GOOD today. Hopefully I can get some good hydration and a short run today before 10K tmro.
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Originally Posted by samblackbones View Post

blackbowtie - you'll have a blast at the half. Good Luck!

Thanks! Did 10 miles today and am dead beat. I really salute you guys who run more than 10 miles regularly. And SBB, I hope you did not get sick.
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5.5 miles
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