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8 yesterday. 10 this morning and 5 this afternoon with a strength session at the Y. Sunny and 40.
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Went out with a buddy today to take advantage of the warm weather, 60 degrees when i got out of school, prob 50 by the time I was out the door:
Windy as heck, 5.5 miles.
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0 miles, but hit the abs and box jumps. Started on the one-foot box jumps, just up to a step about 6 inches up. After I smoothed out my coordination, it got easier, relatively speaking.
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6 miles
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4 miles.
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5 miles.

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Just over 20km in kind of a daze -- quite slow but wanted to get the distance in. Now begging for the sweet release of death...or at least a belgian strong ale.
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Seems like training is going well for everyone.
Just about 8 tonight easy w Core/pushups
7 last night
I think I posted on thursday but I believe I did 8 or 9 w/ a shitty tempo.

My calves are bugging me, but I ran a mile easy with no shoes at the end of my run and felt 100% so I am not sure if its the fault of my Kinvara 2's w 400+ miles on them. Sadly those are the only trainers I have atm. Stupid.
Will run long tmro.
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1.5... shog[1].gif Running shoes recommendation for a novice runner? I think running in Chucks kinda sucks
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^ recommending running shoes sucks. Go to a good store and get some proper advice / analysis of your running style and buy whatever fits you.

14 miles today.
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17 miles on dead legs. Maybe ramping up my mileage before I begin an 18 training plan was not the best idea.

Happy running peeps!
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6 miles
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15 tonight w miles 13 &14 in 5:41 and 5:45. (down hill)
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Got in 2 quality runs over the weekend.
Saturday ran to Alpine NJ and back - 20.1 miles in 3:31:50 all on The Long Path
Sunday ran inh CP - 9.2 miles in 1:03:56
Definitely think I have established a new base as my legs aren't feeling sore, and logged over 42 for the week.
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About to go for a run, hopefully will be able to do 6 miles.

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