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Ran the Manhattan Half fun run in the snow on Saturay and tacked on another 5.3 miles for 18.4 in total. Ran the half in 1:37:40 and the total run in 2:14:14
5.6 miles easy in CP in 41:40
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I recently bought a new pair of shoes. I got the New Balance Minimus MR10. I've only put about 10 miles on them since I got them last week but so far so good. For the past 5 years or so, I've worn the 790 and I really liked them as they were super lightweight and had minimal cushioning. but I've started running on pavement much more than gravel and dirt trails and the tread on my most recent pair wore away much more quickly than I like. When I went to the store, I noticed that the 790 also seems to have been significantly redesigned and is now much heavier than it used to be (probably so as not to compete with their new Minimus line). So I thought this would be a good time to switch to a new model. I did still manage to get about 1,800 miles out of my last pair of New Balance 790s though (over about 12 months) so no real complaints though.

I'm headed to Florida for a few weeks soon and am looking forward to getting out there with some good weather.

Actually, my upcoming trip to Florida was the catalyst for me to get new running shoes since my old ones smell so bad and I didn't want to put them in my luggage with my clothes! lol8[1].gif
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Originally Posted by quevola View Post

It depends on your goal. You should be able to maintain your current fitness level with a program such as Pfitz's 2 marathons in six weeks. I wouldn't expect much improvement unless the March 3rd marathon course is considerably "faster" than Houston. I ran two marathons last year within 8 weeks of each other and came in virtually at the same time.
If your goal is to improve your time considerably, I would look for a marathon in late Spring or early Fall and get in some good training.
16 miles early this morning. Start my 18 week marathon plan next Monday.
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Thomas you could for sure finish a marathon in 6 weeks, but if you really want to go after a BQ or big PR you may want to give it 12 weeks - I think there is a Dallas marathon in may - but I have no idea as to whether or not running a marathon in Dallas would be pleasant. I ran San Francisco a month after doing San Diego 2 years ago and had an awesome experience in SF but ran slow as f*ck - I would definitely do it over again though.
Off to a running clinic followed by a long run.

I don't know that the second course is faster than Houston - it might be less hilly but that's not saying a lot. I will fix two blunders that hurt my second-half time, though, so another PR is not out of the question.

As for Dallas in May, I'm really not keen on any long May races. By then it's either humid or warm or both. Hell, last March I ran a half that broke me with the heat and humidity. And I looked at Austin but that's so hilly I weep just seeing the course.

Last night: box jumps and v-ups
today: 4 miles 31:02 no significant pain but hips are tight.
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7 at nice steady pace. Got to enjoy a biting headwind on a long, gentle incline, too...
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5 miles this morning and one more this evening prior to a strength session at the gym.
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Seven miles in 40-degree Phoenix before flying back to Chicago.
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a little more than 4 miles tonight... actually pretty pleasant out considering the recent cold spell...warming up again and made for a nice run!
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Probably missed a run or 2. DId my customary 2.5 miles, but I'm down to 20 minutes for a much, much better pace than when I started.
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6.5 or so tonight at about 6:45 pace. I think I am starting to feel some benefits of having rested for a while, but in other areas I am a softbody. Doing a lot of extra form drills and walking strides right now to try and build up some stability/strength in my stride. I feel weak running down hills.
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13.5 yesterday, 1:48.19, something like that. I have a calf strain but pretty much chose to ignore that. The run was all on the dreadmill, at a 5% grade. Started at an 8MM for the first 2 miles then dropped to 7:45 for a while, then dropped to 7:30 for a bit longer. Damn calf strains.
I can really feel it in my leg today. Im going out for a quick 4 mile shakeout before heading into work.

Ive registered for a few races now and am feeling inspired to crack the whip and see what I can do.
I decided to run a few trail half marathons early in the season. Most of them can be won with a time of 1:35:00 or better. A time of 1:40:00 would put me in the top 5 and top 3 for age group. So, I have some goals now!
I will do all my running in trails, except speed work and some hill work when the little hills here in the Chi area fall short.
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^^ holy cow that is awesome. Good luck and kick some tail out there!
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3 fast-paced miles this morning.
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From my bed to the fridge and back? Probably 20 yards, give or take. 

I really should start running like, outside my house though. 

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10 GA miles.
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decided to test my recovery thus far: 6 x 400, 200m recovery. I started well enough but started gassing early on and wound up slowing a bit and taking an extra recovery loop. That was not fun. Really windy, though, so that might contribute.

BTW: I'm changing things up a bit for this next cycle, and getting aggressive on core work and plyometrics. One of the plyo exercises is single-leg box jumps. They look daunting, and by daunting I really mean impossible. Anybody do these?
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