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Originally Posted by samblackbones View Post

So hard to taper. You will be grateful to come to the line rested though . . . .
Looking forward to a run today WOOHOO. Also excited to see coverage of the Olympic Trials on Saturday.

OH CRAP that reminds me I need to get my packet on Friday. Don't want to have to deal with that traffic Saturday - although I'll probably be working during the trials. frown.gif
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Easy afternoon 3 miles. Was going to run the St. Pete rock n roll half marathon for my first half next month, but not so sure I'm ready. Might wait till one in May.
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almost the same here... about an easy 3 this evening in the brisk and chilly! but not feeling too bad as it's only been 12 days since I got back on the regimen after some holiday lazy time! shog[1].gif
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Great stuff over the past week!
I found some new trails out here and have been mixing it up with smooth trails and the more rugged ones at about 50/50.
Speed is coming in nicely, my brother (who is crazy fast and an amazing trail runner from WA state) was in town, he pretty much pushed me really hard on a couple of 8 milers.
Weekly mileage is around 40-45 now.
Today, I ran 7.5 @ 7:15 MM average, at about .65 miles I tore something in my Soleus (calf) and it is on fire tonight. I ran in the it was like running in some silky dream....with a torn calf. Either way, I toughed it out and really enjoyed the beauty and serenity of the fresh and horribly late first real snowfall in the Chicago area.

Also signed up for a race:
Ice Age 50-in may....hope its not a death march.
will sign up for:
Chicago Marathon
TNF Endurance Challenge 50
Glacial Trail 50K
and probably a few road half marathons

My brother got into the Chuckanut 50K, which filled up in an hour on Sat.
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7.5 tonight. First run in almost a month, and it didn't go as bad as it could have. I felt like my fitness wasn't that bad, I think I kept the pace around 7:30 the whole way. Still sore as shit now. Hopefully my groin feels okay tomorrow.
Good luck on Sun Thomas (also, good luck getting your bib without too much damn hassle!)
Antirabbit - hope the calf clears up!
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8 easy miles w/ fartleks.

Happy running everybody!
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Winter is back. 18 degree wind chill. An easy 4 miles.
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Originally Posted by clarinetplayer View Post

Winter is back. 18 degree wind chill. An easy 4 miles.

ya it's chillllllllyyyy outside.... but a good run nonetheless!
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Ran 11 miles yesterday... was a miserable 18 degrees with a 2 degree windchill, winds of 20 to 30 mph and light snow.

10 miles tonight. Was a little icy/slick/slushy in spots from yesterdays accumulation of snow so i wore some adizero trail shoes for a little extra traction just in case. 9 degrees out, but no wind, so it felt a lot nicer than yesterday. Finished up the run looking like this:


gotta love winter running!!
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I don't understand how you guys can run in such bone chilling temps - huge kudos.

10 miles in 57 degrees.
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Originally Posted by quevola View Post

I don't understand how you guys can run in such bone chilling temps - huge kudos.
10 miles in 57 degrees.

the wind is the killer... and no matter what direction I turn it's always the Canadian f'ng jet stream right in my face! lol8[1].gif When it's getn close to single digits I start questioning my sanity...otherwise it's kinda fun in a different way. Damnit Quevola... where are you that it's 57!? I guess that's why I'm moving to LA this summer! fing02[1].gif
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4.2 miles today...trying to run off what feels like another freaking cold...2 in a month for
and oh yea, freaking cold and windy...
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Hoping maybe one of you more experienced runners could weigh in on this:

I started running (every day) and got up to about 5K a day. Nothing stellar in terms of speed, about 20 minuets for the whole run.

over Christmas I was relegated to a treadmill which I found to be stupidly easy. As a result I bumped up the runs to 10K in about 45 minutes. The run felt fine but soon after I started getting sharp pains down the sides of the kneecap in one leg. I assumed it was because I'd pushed too hard, so held off for a few days. Tried again after 5 days off, and after about 10 steps the pain was back, strong enough to cause me to sit down.

Again, I gave it 5 days and tried a cross-trainer. This time no pain at all, so after 24 hours off, I try running again. Mistake.

Its been 20 days since I last ran, and while the day-to-day pain is gone, even the slightest hint of jogging up stairs brings it back with a vengeance. I've got an appointment booked with a sports doctor to discus, but wanted any tips on low-impact cardio.

Its taken me 20 years to get to the point where I was exercising daily, I really don't want to go back to being a fatty because I fucked my knee.
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I had a similar issue. My orthopedist took some x-rays and found no structural damage. She first had me do some knee-strengthening exercises for a couple of weeks. Then I added some walk/runs where I'd walk for four minutes, then run for a minute. Did that for a week, then 3/2, 2/3, 1/4... I haven't had any knee issues since. She also advised me to stay away from squats and the leg extension machine, suggesting they're pretty hard on the knees.
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