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6.5 tonight plus core. I would guess that most of the way I was close to a 7 min mile.
Still hurting like a motherfucker, but got back to some basic form drills which seem to help me run with less pain.
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I have arm warmers on my wishlist.

3 recovery miles tonight.
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SO, I bought a few pairs of Salomon running shorts, with the built in compression, these things are on a whole different level than any running shorts Ive worn. I went on line to buy my size out....all gone frown.gif.
I hope my family got me the jackets and vests I wanted...this stuff is amazing.
Sam-Those 610's look super cool and have alot of features that I wish my 310 had. Great job and hammering back!
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This morning, 4 miles. Temp around 29 degrees. Shorts and SmartWool leg compression socks. The socks cover my leg to the knee cap. Warm enough. Saucony mittens--the best I've ever worn.
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got in 3.2 miles along the east river in 21:25. Should have run further this morning.
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6 miles this morning that went by quickly. There's something about running when I don't have to work that makes it all the more enjoyable. I'll probably get in a couple more miles this evening prior to a session of weights, core, and stretching.
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5 miles this afternoon. Greenpoint ave bridge-->pulaski bridge-->home
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Six miles during a cut back week. First hill repeats comin' up in a few days.
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8 miles w/ 6 x 400 @ 5k pace.
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6 miles. Temperature, a balmy 37 degrees. Pea soup fog and drizzle. Catching up on past NY Times Book Review podcasts.
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5.73 miles over the Queensboro Bridge in 39:21.
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A nice 6-mile mid-morning run. I'll catch 2-3 more this evening to warm up for a session of weights, core, and stretching. I travel for the next couple of days, and may not be able run.
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Eight strong miles in shorts, and a strength workout at the Y. Calm, mild 43 degrees and humidity reminded me of running in Stuttgart a few years back.
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5.5 miles ...
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5.5 miles. vinyasa yoga=core strength increasing.
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