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best run I have had in over a year today.
7.25 miles in 55 minutes
it was fun ,felt good and I think my interval training and taking the right amount of time to recover is key.
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2.9 this morning.

Thinking about purchasing a pair of more natural/minimilist/barefoot/whatever-you-wanna-call-it running shoes when compared to my current shoes. Specifically looking at these: , partly because I've always worn New Balance running shoes and partly because I think they look badass (yes, I realize these aren't the best reasons to buy running shoes). Anyone own these shoes?

My current running shoes have some life left in them, so I'd be able to wean myself from one pair to the other and hopefully not cause any new injuries. FWIW, my current running shoes are neutral NB with green Superfeet inserts for a bit of added support (this was recommended by a podiatrist after I had some serious food pain when I started running a year and a half ago with a pair of "stabilizing" NB shoes that she had too much support for my feet.) I still have the foot pain after running, but it hasn't interrupted my running since this summer. The chronic foot pain is one of the reasons I'm interested in experimenting with minimilist footwear.
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I had a fun run this morning - I'm pretty much at the top of nob hill in San Fran, ran down to fisherman's warf, then along the waterfront to the ferry building, then back up the hill - although I had to walk the last 2 blocks.
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Great day today. Ran three steady miles this afternoon and ran two miles of intervals at the gym tonight.

PS: Running intervals feels so good.
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A nice quick six tonight. globetrotter your post takes me back. I used to live at Bush and Leavenworth. Regular route was Bush-->Van Ness-->Fisherman's Wharf and around to the Ferry Building-->Down Market, Up Van Ness and back home on Sutter. I miss it.
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Training on those in SF will get you in crackin shape for sure. I ran the marathon 2 yrs ago and it about killed me. Slowest time by 30 minutes (although it was maybe the most fun of any marathon Ive done)

Tonight a hard workout with a guy whose much faster than I am.

3 x 1000 in 3:06 3:04 3:04 (2:30 rest) 3 x 800 2:26 2:25 2:26 (2: rest) 2 x 200 all out. tough workout but i felt in control most of the way until i cut the rest short on the last 800.

I think this should help me get a bit sharper for a 10 k on Sat and a Turkey Trot sub 16 5k attempt.
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You running with Ryan Hall tonight?
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6.5 this morning. When I get less than 6.5 hours of sleep it's even harder to drag myself out of bed to run in the dark....
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A sluggish 10 tonight. + core
I couldn't keep up with Ryan Hall's non running sister if I had to guess . . .
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6.2 yesterday.
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An easy 6 miles this morning.
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Got out the door late this morning so only ran around 4.6 miles.
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zero again today. still recovering from a mountain bike mishap.

am i the only one here who runs ad-hoc intervals of varying length depending on whether a particularly rad chorus comes on the ipod?

anybody else jump over things (park benches, trash cans, small children, etc.) to add a bit of steeplechase action?
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Originally Posted by freedom_fries View Post

am i the only one here who runs ad-hoc intervals of varying length depending on whether a particularly rad chorus comes on the ipod?
Oh yes, all the time. It makes the run more interesting. This morning I ran to rap, which was a first for me, particularly since rap is really not my thing; but yesterday I realized that I needed to spice up my run to keep it from getting boring, and my usual songs were starting to repeat too often. Running to 50 cent's "In Da Club" and songs by Kanye West, Eminem, and Nelly among others, made my 6 miles fly by very quickly. Explicit versions, of course. smile.gif
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A fast and enjoyable 3 miles this morning. I wanted to do more, but had to get to work early for a meeting.
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