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5.5 again
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13 today including a 6 x 1 mile. . . . splits were good! 5:12/5:18/5:22/5:17/5:20/5:17 3 minutes rest.
Felt really strong the whole way even though it was tough. I am looking forward to a 10 k on the 7th to try and break 34 mins.
Picked up the AdiZero "Adios" shoe today. They are amazing.
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8 miles this morning. Sun was just coming up as I finished.
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Damn are fast. Nice work.

Ive done two days in a row of tempo runs, today I will run 8 in the easy trails and attempt a negative split, by doing a 5k and basically a 1 mile shake out, then pick it up and push hard on the 2nd 5k and use the last mile as a cool down.
The weather here is a little on the wet side and that means the secret spot is a slip and slide so I am trying to do some speed/strength training with out it.
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5k repeats are a super tough workout.
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One. Just got back out after knee-enforced absence, and following a four minutes walking/one minute running plan prescribed by the doctor along with PT exercises. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...
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I ran 5 this morning. My ankle is slowly recovering from the cut it sustained during the run Sunday, but it was fine during the run. It was good to run again.
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well my run was shitty, about 2 miles in, my right calf siezed up, as usual I kept running. at 5 miles I stoped to stretch it. I was able to do a negative split run as planned, but not as fast as I would have liked. Running with a cramp, pretty much always leads to a minor strain. Ill take tomorrow off and see how it feels. Right now it feels like I got hit in the calf with a sledge hammer.

The weather was perfect for running, windy, cold, and rain here and there, just how I like it.
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5 this evening much better than the 8 this morning. beautiful night.
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5k in the morning as usual. Good start in the day
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14 yesterday


0 today
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10 easy last night.
My comfortable easy pace has gone from around a 7:30 minute mile to around a 6:50 mile in the last two months. I can't decide if this is because I am running too hard on my easy days, not running 20+ long runs on the weekend, not running workouts hard enough or just getting faster. Flay 10k next weekend will be indicator.

About11oclock - the mileage you are getting in bode really well for new york. Get a good taper though! I can't wait to hear about it, because I am planning on running it next year.
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3 miles this morning.
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6 today
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11 tonight with last 5k in just about 18 mins (ran for tempo effort last twenty of run). First part of the run was at closer to 630 pace so it ended up being a good tough effort to shut it down fast.
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