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saving myself for a long run tomorrow morning. Walked a ton at the Brookfield zoo today.
Likely a 10+ effort tomorrow, most likely a 12.5 or so loop of the easy trail system.
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I had a good 5+ mi. mid-day run today in beautiful autumn weather.
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10 today with the national intercollegiate running club's southwest regional. I ended up 4th behind 3 guys from USC. USC doesn't have a mens cross country team so Their 5k/10k track guys were there. I was pumped to finish that well, it was in the 90s and the course had just under 1000 feet of climbing so the times were slow and a bunch of people got heat exhaustion and two or heat stroke. Yikes!
EDIT race was 8k in San Luis Obispo.
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8 miles today- I am pleased with my progress, but I am definitely not in the same condition I was 5 weeks ago before I got hurt.
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Fast 5K today. Second cool morning of the fall.
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6 miles on a picture perfect morning along the Lake Michigan shoreline.
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I ran 7 miles this afternoon on another beautiful day.

It was a good run; however, I wore new shoes, and though I felt the side of the shoe digging into my left ankle, I didn't realize until the end of the run that my foot and shoe were a bloody mess. ffffuuuu.gif The shoes are the brand I always wear, and I had the same issue with my previous pair but I had worn those in more gently without them cutting, literally, into my ankle.
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5 miles
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Rocked out 13.5 on Sat. It was kind of a horror show, but I did it. I wanted to see what a real long run would feel like in my condition. Ran it in about 1:50
Good: My ankle felt great, my lungs felt good, I was able to drink the whole time, my form was consistant the whole time and I didnt really have any need to stop.
Bad: my legs felt like lead weights after 8 miles, I began to sweat alot, and I had to take on a gel and some electrolytes to keep from cramping up. I chaffed my nips bad and really chaffed in an area I have never chaffed. I was wiped out the rest of the day and ate like a hog last night.

Good news is I could have easily run 6-7 today, but didnt as I wanted to make sure I recover right and keep building this right. I was not really very sore today, not unusually so.

I think I really need to work on strength and the endurance will just be there. So, hills and the secret spot are what the doctor orders....

Nice work SAM!!!1
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Thanks man!
I had a "gnarly" long run tonight. I will post the garmin later but basically I took off from my gym (5 miles inland) at 5 PM, ran to the coast highway, got onto coastal trails that go up about 1000 feet of elevation to get back to the gym. Well when I was on the trails two things happened, darkness fell, and seriously thick fog rolled in. Basically, I was on trails I dont know super well, it was pitch black, and I couldn't see my hand in front of me. After a few minutes contemplating my mortality I saw a guy hiking in the fog and felt a ton better. The fog was so thick that I got lost on streets I run on all of the time, but it was seriously eerie/cool/fun/challenging, and a PERFECT halloween long run!
Seriously spent about 10-20 minutes imagining the worst case scenario in which an TBS Documentary is made about the ghost of an irresponsible jogger that haunts the local trails . . . .
BTW it was 16.5 At about 7:10 pace.
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^^ spooky, man. Glad you made it back okay.


yesterday, 13.1 (houston half marathon) in 1:44:20. I thought I was in PR shape, but the hills told me otherwise. actually, the last 11 miles were out and back on Memorial/Allen Parkway, and I was awfully unprepared for them. My 7:30 pace fell off into the 8:20 or so as I took a few walk breaks in the last 4 miles, but I kicked it in and held off a few late surgers.
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6 miles today :)

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8th in a small town 15k yesterdat in 1:03 on the nose. 6 recovery miles later tonight.
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8th in a small town 15k yesterdat in 1:03 on the nose. 6 recovery miles later tonight.

Awesome race - congratulations.
Ran 10.5 or so today easy.
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Ran 5 today
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