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Ah - the Garmin application it hooks up to my GPS watch. HOWEVER, the best way to map routes without this, and what I use when my watch is dead is
Does not have any advertisements and gives you elevation/rough calculations of calories burned. It is a hack of google maps, and it is pretty damn precise.
Also though, if you want a GPS watch, REI was just having a sale on the forerunner 110 (the watch I use) for 135. Worth a look.

Thanks. I've been using Nike+ and Walk Jog Run to verify the Nike+ distances.

Today: 8.5. This is the farthest I've ever run. Even had some gas in the tank to up my speed for the last half mile. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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3 miles....Core too
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just banged out 9.5 @ 7:30s
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Got in 8 tonight easy. Was not sure if I was going to be up for a run today, but I got out and enjoyed the moonlight.
I replaced my Kinvara 2's today. I had been developing blisters at the end of my toes wearing them, and after 200 miles or so it just was not worth it to me to have that problem worsen.
Got New Balance 1400s and they are killer. I had to get the shitty color-way, but they are definitely one of the slickest shoes out right now, and they felt great tonight.
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Ok this new sidebar on the right is the worst - it makes me hate looking at the screen, maybe I'm just too used to the old system

Anyway - 8.3 miles on Saturday down in Atlantic City in 57:49. Not my best effort.
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6.5 miles, 42:02
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3.25 miles in oppressive heat after a 2 hour workout at the gym...EXHAUSTED
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Looking to finally slim down. 1 mile at 8.45
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First post to the Forum.

26.2 on Sunday in 3:31, training run pace, in Sacramento at World Masters Athletics Games. Forum-related item: In replica 2008 Olympics USA Track and Field uniform.
Great to see all of the posts on how everyone is taking care of what you hang your clothes on.
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4 miles of gimbels
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6.2 steamy miles tonight, ughh.
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4.9 miles / 40 mins last 2 days...
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Welcome to the thread Dr. Nemo - was the 26.2 in preparation for an upcoming marathon? if so, which one?
12 tonight with a solid workout -
8 x .4 miles with .1 mile jogging recovery (equal time) Reps in less than two minutes (about 4:55 pace). Ran barefoot on grass which was nice, it made me feel fast.
Followed with 2 miles at HM pace (6:10, 5:55) then 2 miles cooldown.
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11.5 in humidity this morning. Need to start carrying money for water.
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3.2 miles in 19:46 along the East River last night. I was sweating through my shirt just standing on the corner waiting for my Garmin to connect.
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