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5 miles, this morning. And it was snowing! What kind of a joke is this???
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Saturday - 20.5 miles in 4:03:14 through Bear Mountain. Felt like I was running against the weather but hit my goal pace (sub 12 minute miles) which felt good.

Sunday - 6 miles in 1:33:06 through Bear Mountain, weather was ideal.
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4 blissful recovery miles after yesterday's epic adventure. Psyched for the NYC JackRabbit running show this weekend. Any other NYCers going?
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last night: 12.0 miles in 1:18:12 (started around 6:50 pace and worked my way down and ran about 6:20s for the last 5 miles).

today, went to the track and ran 10k in 36:13 (mile splits of 5:52, 5:48, 5:51, 5:51, 5:50, 5:50). Then ran 3 more miles in about 19:00.
Ive been going to the track once a week for the last few weeks. Last week it was 5k in 17:22, then 2mi in 10:46, then 1 mi in 5:25.
The week before that i did 5 x 1mi. in 5:39, 5:25, 5:25, 5:20, 5:36.

Other than that ive been pretty much running about an hour every day.
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6x 1 mile lactate clearance repeats. Brooklyn 1/2, Brooklyn 1/2, Brooklyn 1/2
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Queensboro Bridge Run of 5 miles in 34:42 last night.
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Training looks good Jwied
Antirabit - Sounds like an astonishing experience - I hope it went well!
Yesterday Ran 9 at around a 6:25 avg (started around 6:50 and worked down to about 6:10)
Here is a picture of the get up I had on for the last leg of my relay - including mismatched compression socks neon oakleys and a headband . . .
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Ran the Boston Marathon yesterday. It was my first marathon (I ran for charity with the Boston College Campus School) and it was the hardest experience of my life. Finished in 3:58... Legs started cramping at heartbreak hill at mile 18 and the last 8 were hell. Running down Boylston St to the end was just an amazing feeling.
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^ way to go man that is a great time for your first marathon (or any marathon for that matter . . . )
Double today:
PM: 2 miles up/Drills&Dynamic Stretching, 5 X 5 minutes w/ 3 mins Jogging recovery (I ended up turning the last two into mile repeats)
pace was 5:30/5:34/5:25 for the 5 minutes then I pushed the pace and ran the last two miles in 5:10/5:09.
I felt about 1000 times better on the track this week than I did last week and the last two miles felt very smooth. I don't think I have ever ran a mile as fast as I could so even at a workout pace tonight was a 1 mile PR
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7 miles last night in CP (much of it on the bridle path) in 46:07.
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I'm going from being a non-runner to doing a 5k on May 7. I've been running on the indoor track at my gym for a few weeks now (8.6 laps = 1 mile; I just pretend its 9/miles). I ran 18 laps (longest try yet) this am in 21:56. If I just run 1 mile, I can usually do it in 10 mins.

Slow but I'll make it I suppose!
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10 miles of recovery on a hot afternoon - haven't checked my garmin yet but I am guessing around 7:40 pace.
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5 miles of recovery, also around 745, tonight.
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NOICE everyone.
I followed Boston on my twitter, im addicted to following races on twitter.
Zane Grey was on Sat. Geoff Roes kicked ass again.

Im finally back from LA, heading to MN tomorrow, Im hitting the secret spot tomorrow after speaking for a career day (3 sessions to Jr. Highschoolers...hahaha.) then driving for 6 hours.

the PF is a memory.
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^Wow, he crushed it. After Hal's second place time 3rd is like 90 minutes later.

Ran 5 miles over the Quennsboro Bridge this morning in 34:32. Legs are feeling good.
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