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an easy 6 for me this morning. Looking forward to manning a water station at the NY half this weekend. Even though I will have to wake up at 5am on a Sunday.
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5.3 for me in 38:36. Started off a bit creaky but settled into form after a couple of miles, finished strong.
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Completely forgot I was signed up for the NYC half until an hour or so ago. Any last minute tips? I'm at least going to attempt it and can always end up walking.
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AM: 6.05 miles in 40:24
PM: 10 x .25 mile hill repeats with .25 jogging recovery 2 mile warm up and cool down
15 total for the day
this was one of the hardest workouts I have ever done, literally gasping for breath and praying for the strength to keep going. Averaged something like a 5:15 pace on the 400's, but I am getting faster.
Working with the track club has been legit.
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Originally Posted by antirabbit View Post
Thomas-Good luck man. You have gotten damn fast.

I had a new PR for 5K today-22:27. Not sure where this speed is coming from.
The new diet really is kicking in I guess, plus Im shedding a few pounds a week.
the PF is getting much better, woke today with no pain in one foot and very little in the other.

Congrats on the PR! I don't think mine is much different though - at the moment I seem to only have one gear. Also glad to hear that the new diet is yielding benefits - you've got remarkable discipline to make that happen. Good luck on your upcoming races.

Today, I wanted to run 8, but circumstances conspired against me and by the time I was ready to roll I only had time for 2.7. I decided to lace up the racers and see how fast I could go, and then I went one more loop just to see if I could swing it. When the dust cleared, I ran 4 miles in 27:31, with my last loop being the quickest. Strangely I was off my form this morning, too. weird.
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9.2 today @7:05 min miles . . .
The adizeros are digging into the top of my right foot, so I switched them out after half a mile for my speedstars. I am kind of bummed out about the way the overlay is on the manas because it is killing my foot, but I love the sole of the shoe.
I am thinking of trying the Mizuno Wave Musha 3
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6.5 mills in central park in 57 minutes. Felt really good and definitely feel I'll be able to at least run the entire NYC half.
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7 for me as well. 2 super easy (9 min/mi.) w/ friends, then 5 at a better clip, maybe 7:30s.
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went for 20 min tempo run, got lost, ran for 27:33 min, went 3.9 miles. weather was so nice, in the high 50's later today!

good luck everyone in the nyc 1/2.
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4.95 miles in 47:44 min (9:38 min/mile)
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Hit my trails today....I have some pretty stunning pics of wild life.
Anyhow, 7.5 in 55 minutes.
I bonked hard at about 5, not doubt due to the diet. Prior, I would bonk at mile 13. This was a full on, nothing left moment. Pulled out of it, focused on form and cadence and made it out the other side.
Im so happy it was 68 degrees out!!!!!
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Got really lucky today! Found a pair of Asics Hyperspeed 3's for 40 bucks. I think I am going to pick up a few more pairs, because the shoe seems to be exactly what I have been looking for. It is flat, light, spacious in the toebox, flexible but not like a noodle and the upper is very comfortable without any weird stitching or overlay. Just ran a nice 8.2 mile at approximately half marathon pace and a little faster. Splits: 1\t00:06:43\t1.00\t06:43 2\t00:06:27\t1.00\t06:27 3\t00:06:26\t1.00\t06:26 4\t00:06:24\t1.00\t06:24 5\t00:06:24\t1.00\t06:24 6\t00:06:25\t1.00\t06:25 7\t00:06:16\t1.00\t06:16 8\t00:06:07\t1.00\t06:07 9\t00:01:05\t0.20 05:34 the new shoes felt great, a huge relief after serious discomfort with my Adizero mana's here are some pics: Here are the new Hyperspeeds here are the Adizero's - the plastic eyelets combined with the stitching on the three adidas bars yields a podiatrists dream shoe . . . Not only are the laces inflexible but the plastic pieces literally drag into your feet. Here is another pic of the Hyperspeeds including the bottom where there are ventilation holes/soles that look like they will last about 200 miles Sorry for the long post!
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Sam - now you've done it: I got nostalgic for my old Mizuno Mavericks. Ended up ordering a pair of last season's Miz Inspire. Certainly cheap enough ($50) so we'll see if they're all that. Yesterday I was reading about increasing speed and adding to your capacity to tolerate suffering...and the short of it was that the author recommended to bang out two near-race-effort runs a week. So I decided to spend Friday's session doing intervals. Well, it turned out to be more of a fartlek, random longish intervals at faster paces - and it was pretty taxing. I ended up covering 4 miles in 28:14, but it was fairly punishing at times.
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Today: I went out for an easy recovery run and still covered 4 miles in 29:41.
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