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i have no idea how many miles i ran today. i discovered a network of paths in the back of my univ campus and just ran around sort of lost...
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11 miles...running the disney marathon in a few months
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Originally Posted by dhinggok View Post
11 miles...running the disney marathon in a few months

cool good luck!
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5k after about a month lay-off.

Two observations: I am a fat !@#$ and my hamstrings are tight
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4k; slow but hey, vacation the last 3 weeks to blame.
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i have been slacking on my outdoor distance running.

Just to keep the exercise going, I have been doing just HIIT the last couple of weeks. I usually do about 15-20 min HIIT running with the max speed of 11 mph.
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Outdoor run of 5 miles with 10 pushups every 10 minutes.
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3 laps around a 1.8 mile track two nights ago. 1 very fast lap around it last night (sun was going down). about to head out to do 3 laps.
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Originally Posted by KBW View Post
Did 6 miles worth of intervals today...jogged 2 miles of that, 80-90% pace for 2 miles, and walked two miles. (100, 100, 100 of each)

Wow. That is tough!
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Ramping it up this week:

4 miles of HIIT, with highest speed of 12.3 mph. I usually do 3 days of running, 3 days of weights.
Its been about a year since I started to take running slowly.

Quick recap of my running year: I initially did 3-4 days/week of long distance running (started at 2 mi, went up to about 10 mi). After taking a break and slacking off terribly for a few weeks, I was back at it again in January, but this time doing mostly HIIT. I would do HIIT 3-4 times a week, but would feel weird if I didn't have a long run in there. I also started doing weights on alternate days, so it compounded my tiredness and made me less motivated to go for long runs. Summer brought a mixture of long distance and HIIT, with going around downtown Richmond at 11pm for long runs being the highlight. Now, I am back to doing mostly HIIT, but I am thinking about starting up long runs again.
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i ran for the first time last night, 3 miles.

i was surprised i still had the stamina to run that straight. i gained so much weight over the past 7 weeks i am at a fat 188 lbs right now and am seriously going to resume my cardio program again.
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4 miles this morning. Running POSE again and my calves are still adjusting 2-3 weeks into it. Now that the pool's clean again I'm jumping in post-run again and enjoying it.
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so sore from the run i had last tuesday.

but i think i should go for a run again tonite. perhaps try for 5.5 miles.

problem is, last night i had a whole package (4 treats) of trader joe cookie ice cream bars.
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