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Originally Posted by grimslade View Post
I don't know, but I played ultimate for 90 minutes before work.


Haven't run for ~2 weeks, but averaged approx. 7 to 8 miles everyday walking all over Philly, NYC, Boston... (summer vacation). Lost some weight too.
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just doing maintenance stairmaster now. 3-4 times a week. 30 minutes each .at 10 level high.
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Another 5. Hoping to move to 6 on wed. Would like to be back in the "run 10k whenever" condition.
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20 on Saturday. Wasn't as hard as I expected, but I didn't concern myself with pace at all.

My training plan calls for 9s and 8s this week - convenient, as I'll be on vacation. Seven weeks to my first marathon.
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3 miles with pull ups, dips, stairs and pull ups interspersed with each quarter mile. ba.
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3.85. It was really dank this morning, basically running through fog. Meh, I prefer treadmills or trails to street running.
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3 miles today
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5 kms in 31.5 minutes.
My 2nd personal best* and I figure I'll beat the 30min mark by next month. Hoping to make sub-25min by Dec.
And on a even better note, I've dropped in excess of 1" off my waist since starting (when I was running 5K in >45 min).

*My actual personal best was 28mins when I was 15.
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2.5 today, 3 earlier in the weekend. Treadmills at the gym. HIIT occasionally, when I'm planning a short workout. 2-3 miles before a longer lift session. Feeling incredible. Looking better. Best thing going for me right now, since my job sucks.
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10 km one day, weights/power sprints the next day. Alternating.
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10k today, outside on an absolutely beautiful summer night. I've been doing sprints and (indoor, erg) rowing almost exclusively for my cardio for a while, so I set out to do a simple 5k. Felt great the whole way and kept going. I'm pleasantly surprised, I almost never run for distance.
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5km today -- and that was carrying both chins ...
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Ran 5k, biked 30k.
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