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i run 3 miles every other day and play bball when i'm not. this is enough for my cardio fix. plus i stopped lifting weights and now stick to pull ups and it has worked wonders for my physique.
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Did a very difficult 16 miles last Saturday, really laboured to finish it off. Did 39 miles this week, capped with an 18 miler yesterday. I slowed down from my 16 mile pace and had a much easier time, did about 9 minute miles. I really need to work on the carb load leading up to the long run though.

This week it'll be 41 miles, ending with a 20 miler. I'm a little nervous about that one.
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3 today
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4 miles today
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2.5 miles. My first pain free miles in months thanks to a nagging IT (illiotibial) Band injury! Baby steps...
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5 miles yesterday.
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Yesterday, 7 mile hike with ankle weights with some local fire fighters ... intermixed were a total of 600 pushups done throughout the hike.

Today. 2 miles of cruisin mixed around a whole buncha stairs.
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Originally Posted by rnoldh View Post

I'm 59 years old and haven't run in about 15 years.

I live within walking distance of the best running trail in Houston, Tx., called Memorial Park. It's got a 3.1 mile running trail around it. I've recently lost some weight and I think I might attempt a loop around the Park again. I know a little about running, and I'm aware I should go very slowly (probably a walk/run combination) and stretch real well, both before and after.

But, that would be a good comeback after 15 years. In 1988, on Election Day morning, I was running at Memorial Park (I did it daily back then), and along came GHWB and the secret service detail. Here it was election day and he was getting his run in!

So there was a group of men in black suits running along with Bush, or did they wear running clothes to pretend they were regular runners? Either way it sounds hilarious.
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3 miles today
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Monday 2.1 miles in 18:36 Today 2.1 miles in 17:58
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3 a day.
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3 miles
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3 today, plus HIIT later this afternoon. Gotta get that speed back before rugby season.
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5km after about a week off which featured too much crappy food, indiscriminate drinking and cigars

In better news, hamstring and heel are all better now.
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I don't know, but I played ultimate for 90 minutes before work.
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