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hmmm, before I started running, I played a lot of racquetball and basketball, so I had a decent start and was soon running mileage in the 8:00 - 8:30 range. Sub-8 came with some decent mileage and a few races, once I got acquanited with longer distances and more discomfort. I'm just now hitting sub-7 in my training, and even that's not a sure thing yet. I tried for sub-7 over four miles yesterday and wound up averaging 7:04. Now, it was cold, there was a big headwind on part of the loop, and blah blah blah but still, it's not just there for the taking, just yet.

Today, BTW: 4 miles, kinda tired, pretty cold outside, sore achilles. I went pretty gingerly at the start but picked it up, finished in 30-and-change. Stopped one loop early so I could put gas in the Mrs's jeep.
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last night: 9 miles in 58:00. Legs felt great, but the weather was crap. 40 degrees, windy, with intermittent light rain. Probably would have ran longer if not for the rain, but still it was a good run.

today: speedwork at the track - 8 x 1/2mile - 2:40, 2:34, 2:33, 2:35, 2:34, 2:28, 2:34, 2:28. low 40s and windy again today... not the best conditions for a track workout. felt ok, not great but not bad either... havent ran 800s in a long time, so it felt a little strange running at that pace.
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5 miles yesterday, sub 9's, which considering my ankle, aint too bad.
the fitness is coming back, slowly.
Once I have the surgery, I am not going to take 12 weeks of sitting around. I think I will have to swim or something....its too hard to earn back the fitness to let it go.
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Ran 11 miles with a buddy of mine 10 years younger and a triathelete. Kept up and then some. We did it in about 1:15 minutes.That made my old ass feel pretty good. Though my achillies is pretty sore from a bang I took in my Hockey league's All Star Game. But the Giant League MVP Trophy and Leading Scorer Trophy takes a little of that away. They're going in my classroom right next to last season's MVP Trophy!
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Four miles on a local trail. Some good technical parts, some good hills, and some nice shade. It was a good run. My wife came along, and so did the dogs.
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Hi guys, noob here. 5 1/2k today, 5k race tomorrow... looking at sub 23:00, we'll see.
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20 miler tonight
just under 2:30
Awesome run, feels good to be on my way towards the next marathon.
Stoked to catch NY marathon tomorrow. . . .
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5.59 miles in 47:18 (avg. 8:28 min/mi) Today's shuffle playlist: Faith No More - "Midlife Crisis" Pink Floyd - "Speak to Me/Breathe" Eminem - "Stan" Radiohead - "Polyethelene, Pts. 1-2" Tool - "Ænema" Kiss - "Got Love for Sale" Jimi Hendrix - "Come On, Pt. 1" The Beatles - "Get Back" Incubus - "Nice to Know You" Phish - "Llama" Artur Rubinstein - "Fantasiestüke, Op. 12: In Der Nacht"
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bike/run brick today. 40K ride/10K run. pain.

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Originally Posted by kgmessier View Post
For those of you who have been running for a while, how long did it take before you were running sub-8s? How long before you were running sub-7s? I know I have a ways to go, since I just started running about six months ago. My average pace hovers around 8:45/mi.

- Keith

Don't even think about time for your first year of running.

My thread contribution: 4 miles at 6am on the marathon course in the dark before volunteering for NYC marathon all day. What a scene. I saw Jared of subway fame running. Along with a guy on two prosthetic legs who looked to be about 3:20 pace. Insane.
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5k race today, went well. 22:48, PR for me
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New york looked nuts today!
I agree with not worrying to much about time.
Ran 9 tonight and felt good after last nights 20
46 mile week ( I missed monday tuesday and friday)
Who is entering the lotto to run new york tmro?
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This morning, 4 miles in 30 minutes. Temperature was 27. Nothing like a frosty, chilly morning to amp up the pace. With the time change, I can enjoy the sunrise. (Another incentive)
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Ran to the top of Mt. Misen on Miyajima island and back down again. Not too far, but the rise was fairly aggressive and the terrain a bit uneven.
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only 3miles, not far travel
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