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haven't run in a few days with all the rain we've been having, but I did swim for 30mins today.
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Did 5 today. My booty was draggin' because I did squats yesterday for the 1st time in a while and I'm walking around like an old man today.
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I ran today but I don't know how far... My knee has been bothering me lately so I decided to use a treadmill today just so I wouldn't get stranded somewhere with a bum leg. Anyways, 40 minutes in I was running on pace to do 10 k in 55 minutes when I accidently hit the emergency stop button. I was so pissed.
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^ I hate when I do that. The other day I was treadmilling a tempo run and the stoopid machine just shut off like someone pulled the plug...since it was DOA I moved to the one next door and started back up...five minutes later the first machine magically resucitated itself.
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4 yesterday.
Will go for what will hopefully will be a long run today. Two straight days of eating out won't help me get started, but if I can get through the first 2 miles, i think today's run will be awesome.
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5km today -- pretty hot out, but not unbearable.

Hammy much better, though we're playing again tomorrow night, so we'll see if it holds up ...
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I used to run between 7.5-9 miles three times a week until a knee injury forced me to sit out four weeks. I started up again on the treadmill about 2 weeks ago, and I just did 4.25 miles today. Not my best, but better than nothing.
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Ran two miles in 13 minutes. My goal is to get it under 12 by the end of August and that shouldn't be much of a problem. The road around my campus called "Perimeter Road" is said to be exactly 5 miles and I'm going to run that tomorrow so I can see all the freshmen coming in.
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first post! in the running thread of all places

1 mi. warm up
5 x 400m intervals
5 x 400m recovery
1 mi. cool down

oh and why i love san francisco in august: 50 F, overcast. perfect for a hard run.
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2.1 miles in 18:36. First time running in 3 months due to lingering back, knee and foot problems. It felt good to get back into it again but I am very out of shape. Again.
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None -- 45 minutes on the bike instead.
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None. I showed up at my gym this morning and discovered it has been closed due to a lease dispute with the landlord.
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Ugh, haven't ran in about a week. 5.8 miles during sunset.
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1.5 yesterday
1.5 today...
Im just starting out
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I'm 59 years old and haven't run in about 15 years.

I live within walking distance of the best running trail in Houston, Tx., called Memorial Park. It's got a 3.1 mile running trail around it. I've recently lost some weight and I think I might attempt a loop around the Park again. I know a little about running, and I'm aware I should go very slowly (probably a walk/run combination) and stretch real well, both before and after.

But, that would be a good comeback after 15 years. In 1988, on Election Day morning, I was running at Memorial Park (I did it daily back then), and along came GHWB and the secret service detail. Here it was election day and he was getting his run in!
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