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Originally Posted by Mpalmer22 View Post
I'm hiking 2.2 miles up a 785 foot elevation gain to do some rock climbing, then I'm going to hike down, camp and do it again tomorrow.

Nice. I do this occasionally except I drive and make it a half day affair, got a good place near by.
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5km -- very slow, with some tenderness in the hammy still, but no trouble from the heel.
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3 miles today.
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2 miles (yesterday - forgot to post) including with some sprinting thrown in for good measure.
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been still doing my high rate stairmaster 45 minute session every day.
dripping sweat at the end of the session like someone threw a bucket of water on me.

just got to get my munchies and junk food under control...otherwise i would have already been ripped, vascular, rail thin guy.

stopped my weight lifting as well (about a month ago) trying to get rail thin. i dont mind losing some muscle weight. no worries of course, i still throw in the minimal weight lifting twice a week for health . but no heavy.
still doing the leg presses though.

im trying to develop my legs more and get a rail thin torso. not sure if this would be possible but trying it.
it just dont look good with a top heavy torso and slim somets on.
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Ive done 0 miles today!

However yesterday I did 8.4 miles!

I think I'll lift some weights today.
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yesterday (tuesday) I ran 5 miles.
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I've lost motivation to run. I still get up but then things get in the way and I have to squeeze in a few and hope to make it up the next day. No marathon this year, the entries have all sold out, and it's getting stale circling the same 1.33 miles over and over again. Meh.

I am swimming more, though, doing some heavy yardwork (removing trees and larger plants), so that's working. I'm tempted to either join a gym to get back to lifting, or take up boxing. Gotta keep moving, ya know.
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5km after 5 days off. Hammy still a little sore, but heel is all good now.
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ive been pretty busy and too tired to do my stairmaster this past week. i got to keep it up. with my eating habits out of control these days , that is all i can count on to keep me trim.

im going to step up tomorrow with an hour session for a whole week. tonite i cant do anything as i have to drop off my wife at the airport.
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5 early this morning, but going to take a long bike ride as soon as I get off work!!
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6 yesterday, 5 the day before. Today I ran only one because it was a weights day. Even with a pretty light running schedule sometimes my legs feel pretty beat up. Usually after I end a previous run with a sprint on the last mile.
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5 km in just under 30 min.
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Nothing with that dude.
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Originally Posted by warlok1965 View Post
Nothing with that dude.
Well, I was planning on running ten but then laziness set in so I quit...
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