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Originally Posted by dhinggok View Post
3 miles-19 mins, 23 seconds

1 mile cool down-8 mins, 30 seconds

I like that your cool-down mile is like my 5k pace

Out for a 45 minute aimless jog this morning. I'd guess about 4-4.5 miles. EDIT: GEaring up for 8-10 Saturday.
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Zero. It is my rest day. Everything hurts, from my delts on down.
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About 5km. Nice and cool today, with a breeze no less.

First half felt like crap because of all the damned sugar I scarfed down last night ...
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4 miles in 33:30 or so. Every step sucked. Form kept falling apart, almost packed it in after the first loop but kept going, saying the next one would be better. It wasn't. I'm tired as all hell and my body is trying to curl into a ball now. It almost hurts to straighten out and sit upright.

Other than that, things are fine.
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gonna go for what will hopefully will be an intense HIIT at the gym at work. I haven't ran in 2 days, and I feel like shit because of it.
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Took yesterday off and just did upper body lifting. Today ran a slow 6 miles then a .5 mile sprint at the end. I love the feeling where you can barely walk and you are dripping with sweat at the end of a run!!
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ive been doing stairmaster in place of running these days. i tested out my knees by doing a little sprint, and it seems to not hurt anymore perhaps, but on the advice of others here , i am just going to give running a rest for a full couple of weeks.

stairmaster after 20 minutes i am already drenched with sweat though. i love that feeling. i do about 45-1 hour of it so far everyday. it is like my shirt fell in a pool of water.
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i think my toe is broken, no running for me
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did about 3.5 miles in HIIT, for a total of 28 mins (including 5 min warm up).

A question for those who do HIIT: how fast are your high intensity intervals? how long are you doing these intervals? Just curious. Thanks.
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last night ran 10 miles in 62:04: 5 miles out and then back on a really flat paved bike trail thats near my house. Did the five out at an even pace in 31'30. I got feeling pretty good after the turn-around so decided to try and run each mile progressively a little faster and went 6:26, 6:13, 6:05, 5:58, 5:38.
I really like doing progression runs like this when i run on this bike trail... its fun to finish fast and you get some mileage in at faster than normal pace but still can get some distance in too.
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8 on Wednesday, 6 on Thursday. Today is a rest day, which I find unbearable. I hate rest days. Tomorrow I'll do 10, and then Monday I'll start training for a marathon.
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Just out of curiosity, for all those who run regularly I'm wondering what your resting heart rate is? In the years I've been running mine has gone from around 70 to about 40ish.
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^^mines generally about 45. I dont remember what it was before i started running. I think mid-60s.
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High 50's-low 60's. RHR isn't a good measure of running performance, anyway.
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My brother just ran solo from London to Liverpool for a cancer charity. 223 miles in 11 days (One rest day). He didn't feel too knackered when he finished, I would have died halfway.
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