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Ran 6.7 miles in 44:52. Weather was perfect in Central Park last night.
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11.0 km in 55:28

Didn't feel too good during the run, but I'm happy with the time and thus my speed.
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5k in about 25 min, I think.
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5.3 miles in 42:36. It came easier this morning after a lond Sunday sleep-in, and some quad exercises which helped make the knee pain subside.
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4 miles with 10 pushups after every mile. Beautiful moon in the West. Perfect sunrise in the East. Twas good to be out running.
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Ran the Hot Chocolate 15k yesterday, not a great time (~1:18 with 2 minutes to let my GF catch up so we could cross the line together), but was a good distance run. Great course, and I think I ate 8 snickers afterwards.
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I've cut back to running 3 days per week for the past 2 weeks while increasing my tempo. My knees are responding great and my times are improving!

Last night: 13.1 miles in 1:48:12
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The standard lunch time loop, although with the luxury of a training partner today. 10.16km, 46:16, ave H/R 146, max H/R 168
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4 miles with a stop every mile to do 10 pushups & squats. Temp: 32 degrees, no wind (Thank God!) Beautiful moon in the West. Running in the early morning is inspirational.
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6.7 miles in 50:50. Felt stronger than usual this morning, woke up before the alarm went off. A good run.
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3.8 miles in 24:53 this morning. Went out without my gloves and def could have used them.
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Probably only around 8Km and no watch tonight, 2nd run of the winter so not timing yet...next week. Been road riding all summer and missing it badly....damn these dark nights!
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2 miles in 17:40. I hurt my knee a few weeks ago and am working my way back up to my standard 5k in 28 mins (and then hopefully more). Shin splints have killed me; I was only able to run 1.5 miles and 1.7 miles with pain on Sunday and Monday. Took yesterday off and was able to do 2 easily today but didn't want to overexert. Wondering if I should run tomorrow or just bike.
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5 miles this morning in 38 min. Coming back from nearly a month of not much running due to shin splints and felt pretty good today. Ran a 5k 2 weekends ago and blew up with shin splints after the first mile and hobbeled my way through through the 2nd before the pain subsided and I was able to run the last mile and a bit in under 6 min. Final time on the 5k was 20:38
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4 miles in 25 min. Wind chill was 32 degrees.
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