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5.8 miles yesterday.
Originally Posted by SirGrotius View Post

That said, my hamstrings are always tight! I did a quick search on this thread, but besides a few mentions of foam rolling, do you all have any tips? If foam rolling is the way to go, how much time/diligence do I need to invest to loosen up these babies!
I foam roll after long runs and daily when I remember. I also try to stretch my hamstrings (mine are pretty tight) by just trying to touch toes and hang there for about 30 seconds at a time for abut 5 minutes. After a few weeks there was noticeable difference.
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Question for the more veteran runners out there. How long did it take you to figure out your optimal distance for competitive (even if your times aren't close to elite) running? I'm mostly happy that I can run 30 minutes without stopping on a good day (maybe 20 on a bad day) at this point, but maybe too much time working with spreadsheets is making me curious about this. I'd guess 2 months is not nearly enough time and that I need a good bit more training to really figure out what distance I'm most competitive (or least uncompetitive, let's be honest here) at might be. I'm enjoying the process of getting in shape, but I do enjoy keeping track of this stuff.
My 400m sprint time suggests I should be running a sub-25 5k instead of the sub-30 I'm at now. I'd assume as I build endurance, my times over longer distances will improve relative to raw speed in sprints.
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^ ...so my curiosity is more finding the distance that I'm best at, relatively speaking. I figure there are plenty of 5Ks, 10Ks, and (maybe someday) half marathons around to have fun with. I probably wouldn't attempt a marathon unless I got significantly faster at running, but get why other people enter them; I'm starting to enjoy running but just can't imagine doing it for the 4+ hours (at today's speed, probably 5+) it would take me to complete that distance.

2 months isn't very long to determine what your preferred distance is as you may not even know your capability yet. I'm not sure I'd call myself a veteran runner, but I've ran quite a few miles during the years and can say I've hit several distance races so I'll toss my 2 cents in.
I believe that the first year of running is the most difficult and most needed because it is more about getting in shape and getting your cardio and physical performance ready to go farther and/or faster. A lot of people want the results very quickly to be a 5k, marathon, or trail runner, but it isn't that easy. You have to train and ease into shape without getting hurt. It isn't fun...yet. It becomes fun when you can do what you want and see results. Once you are at the point where you can run short distances fast (5K-Half) or longer distances fast or slow (marathon or more), you can determine what you enjoy and what you are good at. I started running and took me 3 months to be able to job 2 miles. Then added more distance, trail running, speed, etc. I am not fast at short distances but found out that I can go quite a long ways at reasonable speed and really enjoy that. Running trails for hours is one of my favorite things to do. My bro-in-law can do both but hates long races and is really fast at shorter races so he sticks to those.
Make sure you are training a variety of different drills during the week / month. Hills, speed work, slow long runs, tempo, etc. to help build endurance and strength. Lots of books and articles out there on them. Pick a local or destination race to help with the training excitement. You can always move up or down the race distance. Either way, you get in shape, feel better, and are able to determine what you enjoy the most. The key is what you enjoy and what you will stick with. If you don't enjoy it you won't stick with it.
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9.5+km / 6 miles today (5.3k in the morning and another 2 shorter runs in the afternoon as work breaks / getting me closer to my distance goal for the week).

Hit 29:01 on my 5k distance this morning, so technically 2 seconds off my sub-29 goal for my Thanksgiving 5k (don't think I'll change the goal, but mentally I'll be trying to keep improving). This was my first week with three 30 minute runs too and it feels good to have that be a regular thing rather than a once in a blue moon thing. Thanks to all who chimed in; I'll definitely keep all those thoughts in perspective. I know I have awhile to go in terms of getting into really running good shape and really getting to know my skill set as a runner, but it feels pretty good to know that I can at least run a 5k without embarrassing myself at this point, which was my initial goal (I've had no issues with spin classes / cycling for cardio before, but never was good at running, had gotten somewhat out of shape and figured "everyone should be able to run a 5k.").
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1870 m in 08:25 which is starting to get better.
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2.2KM today. Decided on a short run over taking a day off given the nice weather.
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1870 m in 08:32 or so. I ate a huge baguette today an hour before running and that didn't help at all. biggrin.gif
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6.3 miles on single track today. About 1400' of climbing.
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8.2 miles with 1,400 ft of climb.  In Germany visiting my wife's family and ran through the wine mountains.  Going to try to link up a few hills on a 25K run this week.

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9.8 trail miles with 1,800 ft of climb. Some pics of the last beautiful day in the forecast. Found a walking stick for this .75 miles 500 ft elevation gain section



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I haven't been running very much for the past couple of months, but I did get out for a short run/walk this morning. I ran about 3 miles of it, some with one of our dogs. I ran out to meet me wife who was out walking the dogs.

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Did 5.25 miles today with the little guy in the jogging stroller. Took it pretty easy.

And had meant to post these yesterday:

Just off the trail (they've been there since spring):

Heading up:
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26.2 miles yesterday. Wife and I ran the Detroit Free Press marathon. She killed it, I had a tough time at the end. Might stick to half marathons at least until I can dedicate more time to train properly
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5.5 miles today of mostly flats.  Scoping out a ~6 mile section to another village tomorrow.

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Bit over 5k between today and yesterday. Should probably take a day off at some point soon, but the weather has been too damn nice and a quick 15 minute run followed by some walking isn't going to kill me.
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~14 miles and 2,900 ft of gain.  One of the best runs I've had since the beginning of the year.  If I had no time commitments, some calories, and another bottle of water I would have tried for 20.

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3.2 this morning, really focusing on my stride and "running" instead of "jogging". Felt much more efficient (and was more than 1 min/mi faster for similar perceived effort), but it was using different muscles which most definitely were not up for a sustained effort.
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