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8.2 miles tonight.

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1870 m in a sort of okay time.
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9.5 miles yesterday w hills and speed.
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2 yesterday
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10 miles on dbl track.
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Back to it after about a week off.  6.2 on closed road, out-and-back.  About 1000' of climbing.  Everything felt good but the shoes.  In fact, the sides of the balls of my feet hurt as soon as I put the Brooks on, and they didn't feel any better as the run progressed.  I thought that one having blistered and sloughed off some of the callous would've helped as the part of my left foot that was rubbing too much would no longer be there; no such luck.  Now there's a blister on the same part of my right foot.


Amazingly, the place where I bought the shoes has a 60 day return policy, which encompasses shoes worn on the road.  So I took them back shortly after my run.  The shop first suggested that I try different socks, but I wasn't really in the mood for that since this hasn't happened to me with any other running shoes I've had.  So I returned them and went with some impressively ugly Asics Nimbus 18s in a 13W.  I'll try them out tomorrow.  For some reason I really like garish and ugly shoes if I'm just using them for running.

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Just ordered new shoes for the first time in a couple of years. Kinvara 5 has been my main shoe, but it's now old enough that I missed the cheap part of the price curve, and now they're scarce enough that they're back up to about full price. Multiple reviews suggested that Kinvara 6 was effectively identical, and what had changed addressed my niggles with the 5, so I ordered those. If they're a good fit, I'll order a couple more pair.

Got 5 in around sunset this evening. Amazingly good weather.
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5.5 miles
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3.5 miles today on the new shoes. Legs were tired but feet felt OK. The Asics are much more substantial in the mid foot and heel than I'm used to. They also may be a tiny bit big, but definitely a better start than my last pair.
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The usual 1870m.
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Ran 3.1 miles (5k) without stopping for the first time today after trying to slowly get myself into some sort of running shape a month ago. I decided to sign up for a Thanksgiving morning 5k in August as motivation to get into better shape so as to not completely embarrass myself. Now to start knocking seconds off my time (30:57 - nothing to write home about, but pretty happy considering where I was a month ago).
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wife and I ran a half marathon (13.1) yesterday, kept a 8 min pace until hills starting showing up around mile 8, but still finished with a PR

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1.4KM so far today. Beat my 1KM PR by 1 second, short break, beat 400M PR by 2 seconds. Will probably take a slower paced run with a bit more distance later.
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3.4KM today. Beat my 1KM PR by 1 second, short break, beat 400M PR by 2 seconds. Did a short slower run later on.
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7 miles tonight.  First run in 5 days.

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