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6.9 miles w speed work
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7.7 miles today
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

It is pretty great. From my house (at the southern end of the Mission), I can run about a marathon distance and encounter fewer than ten traffic signals. And if I weren't constrained by the need to end up back at my house, I could do it with only five. I can assure you that I do not take living or running here for granted.

It's not bad... But I can run a marathon with no stop lights and at least five breweries. wink.gif
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3.25 miles with the dog in a light rain. I'm in Watson Lake, Yukon heading south.
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5 miles with my trail group.  We chased the sunset but in a few weeks headlamps will be useful.

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5.2 miles with my little guy in the stroller. Got out early so it was chilly and he was wrapped up in a blanket. Still working through some issues with my right shin.
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19 miles of dbl track. 5000 ft elevation change.
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4.75 miles with the dog in Edmonton... We're now hanging with the wife's family and heading up into the Rockies.
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8.2 miles today.  

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5.5 miles
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4.5 yesterday. So good to be back in sane temps
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7 miles this evening.

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5.8 miles
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6.2 this morning with 5 x 1 minute intervals at VT (vomit threshold)
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8 miles today, after taking 4 days off. Felt good
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