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4 miles today with the toddler in the baby stroller.  Felt pretty good.  


Picked up two new pairs of running shoes -- Brooks Ghost 9 in a 12,5d and Nike Lunarglide 7 in a 13d.  After today I've run in both. The Brooks were pretty good, put perhaps a bit narrow at the ball of my foot as I had some soreness on the inside after my first run.  Hopefully they settle in a bit.  I picked up the Lunarglides as they were on sale to have something totally different to run in.  They fit well, but I definitely noticed the "stability" shoe aspect -- they felt much more built up around the heel than I'm used to.  We'll see how both do with some more miles on them.

Nice, I run with a jogging stroller often as well.  Also, I just got a pair of Brooks Ghost 9's this past week and they feel great for me, hopefully they end up working out for you.  Before the Ghosts I tried the Adidas Ultra Boost ST's and my feet were sore after 2 miles.  Just gotta find the right shoe for your feet; luckily most stores will take them back if they don't work for you.


6 miles treadmill today

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I had 3 pairs of Ghost 8's so I am looking forward to the 9's.  Suppose to be a tiny bit lighter.

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I need to get new shoes, but it's been so long that I fear I'll essentially be starting over again. *sigh*

Got in 5 miles this afternoon, out-and-back, basically downhill, then back up. Managed to do the uphill faster than the downhill.

Next week I'm in south Texas for work, forecast around 90 degrees. I'm sure someone has to be running there, but the last time I was there I certainly didn't get that vibe. Nothing but wide streets and feeder roads...
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Dammit. Just looked again, and now mid-90s.
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Dammit. Just looked again, and now mid-90s.

Crazy... The forecast low for to morning here in Haines Junction, Yukon is 26...

No running today, but we did do a hike out of Skagway that was 6 miles with 3100 feet of elevation gain and loss! The view was worth it!

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1870 m at night.
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5 miles today without the little guy (after a 3 mile hike with him). Second run in the Brooks Ghost 8. Still some hotspots on the outsides of my big toes / balls of both feet. Seem to be lessening though. Also hopefully the last hot day of the year.
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Good weekend of running.
26.4 on Saturday at local marathon. Ran as training run. Negative split 2nd half. Last 2 miles were fastest. 3:53 overall time.
10.1 miles today at reasonable pace (8:10) and felt very good. Not too sore today.
Close to 60 miles for the week. Feel in really good shape. Birkie trail run in 3 weeks and would like to get one more 50k or more this year.
Clifton 3's are a nice recovery shoe.
If the Brooks ghost are narrow, look at the the ST racer 5.
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Damn, wingin' it! That is a high-quality week on your feet.

I failed to get up early enough this morning to run before the work started, so nothing for me today. I will try to get in a swim in the hotel pool, though, and get up tomorrow morning for a run.
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4.8 miles tonight after taking the weekend off.

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6.3 miles tonite.
Congrats SB on living in the #1 US running city according to Runners World Mag.
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It is pretty great. From my house (at the southern end of the Mission), I can run about a marathon distance and encounter fewer than ten traffic signals. And if I weren't constrained by the need to end up back at my house, I could do it with only five. I can assure you that I do not take living or running here for granted.
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8.2 miles yesterday.

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4 miles last night, 6 miles this morning

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4 miles this morning on an arrow-straight bike path. 80 degrees before the sun had even come over the horizon and so humid that sweat doesn't evaporate. I don't know how you people who live in places with real summer do this all the time.
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