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4.25 miles tonight, pretty much all in the dark.
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4 miles this morning @ 8'40" pace. First time I've had a sustained run under 9'00" in a while. Felt good!
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4 yesterday, 4.25 today.

Today's run was in the rain, so extra fun... Lesson learned to stay off the trail that's exposed when there's lightning around.
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I hope not learned via a jolt...
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

I hope not learned via a jolt...

Closest lightning was about three miles away. I turned around at that point and stuck to the path along the street.
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5.25 miles on the treadmill.  I varied the incline to help the boring atmosphere.

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I'm good for about a mile on the treadmill before I lose my mind from boredom. I used to be able to run 3 on the mill with no problem.
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took a few days off, back in the saddle. 3.5 miles this evening.

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19.2 miles of dbl track. 5800' elevation change.
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3 miles with the 9 y.o. which meant a bit of stopping and starting. I let him wear my Garmin so that he would have something to keep his attention, and it seemed to help keep him focused.
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1870 m yesterday and on Friday, not sure if I go running and/or take the bike instead.
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26km yesterday, on one of the hottest and most humid days we've had recently. 5 of us did the whole thing. The pace was way too fast for a charity run at the start. We had agreed to do 6 minute kilometres but for the first 10 we were on 5.10 pace, and dropping one woman. So i made everyone slow it down to about 5.45. Despite the support we had, the heat affected all of us towards the end. I utterly fell apart after 21km and staggered the rest of the way along with the funrunners who joined us for the last few km. This was the furthest i have run for a while and it hurt. Anyway, we did it and most importantly, the event raised over $16,000 for local cancer care.
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Another 1870 m in pissing rain. Got pretty wet. In the current Garmin challenge, I'm #2 with someone 1500 steps ahead. I'm going to watch a movie and then go out again, get a few more steps in and destroy the guy. satisfied.gif
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4.25 miles yesterday. It was terrible. Hot, cramping, legs were hurting / dead.

4.6 miles today with the little guy in the jogging stroller. He was a bit more subdued -- on the lookout for doggies and earing his second breakfast -- but it was nice as we got out early and it was cool. Meant to get 5 miles in but he asked to go home at 2.3 into the out / back, so I figured why not.
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nighttime run. the days they get shorter, no?


4.5 miles maybe? i had to take a different route so i'm judging by time.

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