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The usual 1870 m, not really that fast, plus the path is blocked because somebody thought it would be a good idea to lay cable through it.
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5 miles with the little guy in the jogging stroller.  Felt tough.

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10 miles and now dealing with crazy legs cramps.  Ouch!

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5 miles this afternoon. 

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3.25 on Thursday, then off to Willows to race in 100+ temps. Camped at the track, so when the sun woke me up, I hopped out to run before the heat. Discovered that I need to be awake for more than a couple of minutes before running. My eyes were closed for probably a third of the 1.4 on Friday and 1.5 on Saturday. Finally, a single mile yesterday back home in SF to close out my July everyday running challenge. I'd hoped to get in a good 5-6 miles, but the high temps, racing, and late nights caught up with me. Pace was an abysmal 11'/mi, and that was an effort.

I'm not running today!
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SB - What kind of car do you track?

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11 last Saturday
5.6 today
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Excuse the abuse of this thread, but if any of my fellow Styleforum runners would like to support me, on August 20th, I will be running 26km on my home of Wolfe Island, Ontario to raise money for cancer care. This is to do something for several of our fellow islanders currently fighting cancer, including the father of our neighbour and best friend on the island. I know 26km is not a huge distance for many of you, but it's the purpose that counts more than the distance.

All donations, whatever the amount, will be very warmly appreciated.
(This will be the first and only time I'll mention this, I don't want to spam the forum).
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5 miles

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a hard 3 this evening.

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7.6 miles
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Just ran 5 miles. Figured I had to get out as I'd just arrived near sea level, even though it was 93 degrees and sunny. Felt OK til the last 1.5, which killed me.
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4.8 miles last night and 7 tonight.  Losing daylight in the evenings but gaining some cooler weather!

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4 rickety miles. one of those deals where i can't shake the awkward feeling stride.

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7.7 miles w hill repeats
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