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4 miles tonight.
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Just the one today.
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8.2 miles last night.

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2 km downhill + dirt. Easy.
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Many months and several false starts later, I am finally properly back running.


I was in Japan for a month until a couple of days ago and went back to train with my old club, who welcomed me with open arms despite my being unfit, fat and slow. After a month I had lost over a kilo and was able to hang on the back of the 'A' group in the interval sessions. I also ran my old 7.5km route around the neighbourhood 2 or 3 times every week, and even managed to get a weekend mountain run in once. Probably helped that it was 90-95% humidity for a quite a large part of the last couple of weeks.


Back home, I found out a friend has organised a 25km run, 20th August, to raise money for local people fighting cancer so, as I know two of the people concerned, of course, I'm in. A further incentive to get out there and run. A reasonably quick 10k in the morning yesterday, but generally I'm going to be running longer and much slower than I used to - apparently, this is the route to being able to keep running and staying fit into old age.

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3 miles just now.


the park that i run through has resorted to putting up posters that read "GIVE IT A REST" to remind strokemoners that the park closes at 10pm. i will say that i never ever mind people using public parks, but these folks are congregating and standing by the dozens in the middle of the trail at one particular juncture.


at some point the game is simply monetizing public space. rant over.

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4.5 this afternoon
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5 this evening.

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6.3 miles

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2 this afternoon. I recently found the charging cable for my Garmin that I hadn't used in forever. Just two weeks shy of a year, in fact, as I saw when I sync'd. Confirmed that the pace I've settled into naturally is right at my target heart rate.
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Just finished up 5 miles in Jackson Hole. Don't know if it was the path or the altitude or what, but 80 degrees felt really hot and I felt really slow.
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11.3 trail miles Saturday.
4.7 road miles today.
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4.6 trail miles yesterday.  I am so bug bitten I am sure I have every bug disease in middle Tennessee.

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4 yesterday. One more week to go on my July daily run goal.
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4.6 miles tonight.  What started as 1.5 miles just kept taking a few more turns.

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