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12 miles this evening. Legs felt like shit but I made it.
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1 yesterday and 1 today. Yesterday was planned, but today a late afternoon movie with the family interfered with my planned run. So I ran a mile in my street clothes after we parked at the theater.
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I got in 7 miles yesterday.  I nicknamed one of the roads "the furnace" as it is a flat, 3.5 miles of mostly exposed to the sun and just beats the crap out of me every weekend.

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I will try a really long path this week.
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3 and change yesterday. took my kid in the stroller.

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2 * 2 km at 4:30 pace with some 10 minutes of walking in between. Very hot, max heart rate 178.
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5 yesterday

This running-every-day thing is interesting. Despite the much lower mileage, I have the same feeling of being tired that I get when doing 5 days/week for half or marathon training. I would have thought that my one-mile days would be roughly equivalent to having a day off, but apparently not.
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1.5 just now. Unexpectedly felt pretty light on my feet and managed to spend a good bit of it under 8m/mi
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7.8 miles w hill repeats
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3.2 miles tonight. Felt pretty good. Counter clockwise on the "track."
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8.2 miles last night in some cooler weather after a storm.



@SB - I found the same thing as well when running every day.  It is amazing what 1 day of complete rest will do.  The best back to back days were when I would run in the morning of Day 1 then the evening of Day 2 but then Day 3 is another short day of rest.

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4 miles early evening. 

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3.3 yesterday
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2 times 2 km at a faster pace below 04:25 on average today.
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6.1 yesterday and 6.3 miles today.
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