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How many miles did you run today? - Page 830

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4 miles
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6 miles in the rain

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2 miles in the hills. First time in a very long time.
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Took 4 days off after race. Felt good and recovered.
4.2 miles.
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3.5 or so this afternoon. hot but felt good!

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My running has been really inconsistent lately... I was out of town for a couple of weeks crewing for a friend riding Race Across America, then my bad back reared its ugly head and then we had a friend staying with us for a week. Oh, and we moved... Good times...



But anyway, I ran 3.7 miles at lunchtime today, out to one of the nearest trails from home (roughly 1/3 on roads and 2/3 on gravel/dirt trails. Today was the coolest day in quite a while, with the high temperature only reaching 85. 

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The usual 1870 m in 08:14. Went pretty well.
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1.75 yesterday, 3.3 today
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3.25 today. A horrific grind.
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4 miles.

Waited until 9:30pm to go out, still warm but very manageable without the sun.

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6 miles today, but it was pretty warm even on the early side. Took most of the week off due to some blisters. Starting to get a relatively consistent pain on the inside of one of my ankles. Not sure if it's the hills, canted surfaces, or something else causing it.
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1870 m in 08:18.
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9.6 miles today in the heat.  There is one house in our neighborhood that had this post with a cooler on it that is filled with water and a sign that says it's for runners so I stopped there for the first time today.  It seems like there is a company that provides this as there is a Twitter hashtag but I forget what the specifics are.  TapStop?  TapSpot?  Something like that.  Never seen anything like that before this house.

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8.1 miles today.
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4.4 miles today.
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