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7 miles tonight.  Ran through quite a fews swarms of bugs which is never fun.

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7.7 miles w intervals. Hot & humid.
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4.25 on the "track" tonight.  Ran clockwise tonight, while all previous runs have been counterclockwise.  Somehow one lap around the track was not .33 mile anymore, but was now about .31 mile, meaning I had to run nearly one full lap more to hit 4 miles than when I ran counter.  I'm guessing it's either: (a) due do some recalibration by my Garmin; or (b) because I wear my watch on my right hand, it was on the inside of the track tonight, meaning it traveled a shorter distance with each lap.  I'd be amazed if the Garmin is accurate enough for option (b), but I'll run counter next time to see.

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that's very interesting. i know people who work with gps and my understanding is that receiving units are typically good within a couple of feet and work much much better during movement. i think running would qualify so your unit should be reasonably accurate. i wouldn't be too surprised if it actually is an inside track deal...


depending on your posture, etc when you run your arms are probably about 2 feet apart. if you get the same reading (i don't understand why calibration should be different for either wrist) then i'd assume you could go ahead and average your clockwise/counter distances to get your "true" center cut distance. or tape your garmin to your chest lol.

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Thanks @double00!  Pretty interesting.  My guessing about calibration was more to some systemic change with Garmin -- maybe they did something that rendered their readings of this particular area more accurate.  But based on your points, that seems less likely than the inside / outside difference.  


I did have the thought of wrapping it around my HRM or something on the next run to see where a middle-of-body read would come out, but that's just a little too ridiculous.  The biggest downer about all of this is that my easily calculable runs with a 1/3 of a mile track no longer appear to be so quite so clean on the start / stop points.

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i'm impressed you run distance on a track. i've stayed out of the pool lately because i find a 25 yard track to be drudgery after awhile.


as you point out the trivial differences may add up over 16 or 20 laps... on a trail or through a city you can rely on the lack of same-way smooth turns to average things out for you. monitoring pace/splits is another consideration. 


tbh, i haven't yet gotten on board with a fitness monitor. i've looked, but $$ and i have a route and i know my mile markers and it works for me. i can def understand using it as motivation and interest and all that but i don't have the temperament to split things too finely right now.


lol but it would bug me to turn my run around and get that different reading for sure. 

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My Garmin watch is good within a tenth of a mile over 7-8 miles but then again I am running the same loop but different sides of the street.  The biggest difference I have found is between brands where Garmin and Suunto can be ~.5 miles different over 11 trail miles.

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4 miles and a core workout.
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3.3 miles this evening. socked in today. had to wear a sweater. saw a harbor seal.

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Another 7 miles.  A couple of low output weeks have made my current times faster in hotter temps.

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1 mile
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The usual 1870 m in 08:28. I still have not perfectly recovered from the cold from last week's Saturday.
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3 yesterday, 2.2 today
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Did 5 miles tonight. Felt warm and the legs didn't feel that fresh.
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Two very hilly miles with my younger son. The steeper parts were more like hiking than running.
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