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6 miles yesterday. Had a calf muscle with some problems and took a few days off. Will push it tomorrow on single track and see how it holds up. First injury in quite a while and never a calf muscle before. Yard work with a lot of rock on Friday followed by back to back on Sat / Sun is what did it.
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The usual 1870 m in 08:18. The track has been repaired which is amazing.
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3 this afternoon. First run since 6/8. To give myself a kick in the pants, I've set out to run at a least a mile every day in July. A solid month should get me back in habit.
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1870 m in pissing rain. Time not worth mentioning.
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1.3 this morning
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i flaked on my 25 minute run today. just wanted to get that out there for posterity.

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7.7 miles of single track today. Hit 1000 miles for 2016.
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6.7 miles on road at reasonable pace to test calf. Seems to be recovering. 50k on Saturday so need it to be healed.
Ran on Kinvara 7's today. Different shoe than previous versions. Soft cushion but feel firm on road. I'll add them to the rotation.
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3 miles this morning. weather is fabulous after the last heat wave.

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2.2 this morning
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4.5 miles yesterday with the jogging stroller and toddler.


4 miles this afternoon on gravel and dirt mountain roads.  Essentially an out and back.  Started at about 9k feet, after about 2 miles topped out just shy of 10k feet, and then headed back down.  The first mile was the slowest mile I've run in I have no idea how long.


The view from the top:

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Well my run streak was snapped on July 2.  After a crappy nights sleep, driving 8 hrs, then visiting family, I was exhausted.  I took 2 days off and got in a 3 mile run tonight.  I will try to keep the daily run going but it is nice to take some days off every now and then.

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3.25 or so this afternoon.

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Just a single mile this morning, but I dragged my boys out with me. I had to bribe them with a cookie.
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3 this morning. Just as I started my last mile, another runner turned on to the street, about a block ahead. I gave chase and ran my fastest mile in a while. Didn't quite catch up, but it was nice to have a target.
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