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5 miles today. I'm a little surprised at this training schedule (it's time based intervals right now) but it backs off after this week and starts in on mileage. looking forward to a little break but i think i'm acclimating well.

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New to this thread (and kind of new to running), but I wanted to ask if anyone can recommend a relatively reputable resource or forum on running-related injuries.

I managed to roll my ankle - not badly, but just enough to flare up something I did to it a few years ago - when I was on a short run a week and a half ago. A few days ago it still hurt a little, but the pain was pretty dull. I decided to go for the same short run and have been regretting it since then. It hurt a little while I was running and considerably more after I got home.

I'm hoping to find out more about:

- How long I need to rest before I try running again
- What if any limitations I should put on other activities (e.g., low-impact cardio)
- Whether there's any sort of compression sleeve or other support I should use
- What exercises / stretches I can do to help speed recovery
- What exercises / stretches I can do to help prevent reinjury

I'm not much of a runner, but I found a local running club (Fishtown Beer Runners) that I'd like to participate in if I can stay healthy enough.

I'll probably go to a doctor if it doesn't get better soon, but the time and hassle involved in regular doctor's or PT appointments can be a drag.
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around 5 miles this morning. usually i run in the afternoon but the weather was perfect at 9.

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I got in 7 miles last night.  Mid-90s and humid makes running even the rollers tough.

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4.5 yesterday. Didn't feel particularly great.
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The usual 1870 m in the twilight. The track is mostly dry but still not repaired. I may run somewhere else tomorrow.
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10.2 miles yesterday and only 4.5 miles today.  I was going for 15 miles but the heat got to me.  I am just not built for it as my sweat rate is way higher than my intake rate so it is hard to keep up.  I may try to find something longer in Jan-Mar as summer is just not a great time for a 6'1", 180lbs guy to run long in.


I will still keep running but going to dial back the mileage to roughly 40ish a week.

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5 miles yesterday and about 4.5 today. 

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5 today with the jogging stroller and hills.  Went out early due to the heat.  Seems like that -- or late -- is going to be the norm for the next couple of months.

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15.5 on Sat and 8.5 miles Sun.
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3.3 tonight. Heat and poor air quality made it unenjoyable.

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Shy of 3 this am.
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3 miles yesterday and today.  

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4.2 miles tonight with 670' of ascent.

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3 this evening. 

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