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5 miles today while pushing my 2 year old in the jogging stroller.  Pretty much every run out here is hilly, and this was our usual Saturday out-and-back with a decent amount of up.

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Ran a different track today, about 5 km. Had to walk a couple of times because I suck so bad at long distances. Plus, I'm not even interested in long runs. Maybe I should do them more frequently. smile.gif
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7 miles yesterday and 8.2 miles today.  Yesterdays run was super hot but I think the sun tan lotion I wore did not breathe well causing me to overheat quickly.

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3.1 miles yesterday 77.35
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5.8 miles
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3.75 easy today on this "track" that's about 1/3 of a mile around and is mostly broken blacktop:

I find that running on something flat or on trails helps my calves and ankles, which tend to hurt after too many primarily uphill runs in a row.

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The usual 1870 m that were pretty wet today.
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I ran my first 10k race in 9.5 years this morning at BolderBoulder... After going out a bit too fast, my pace faded, especially given the tough first 3.8 miles of the course (mostly uphill). I looked at my Garmin at some point around .6 miles in and I was running at an 6:45 pace! Oh well, my pace ended up being about what some of my faster 5-7 mile training runs have been at recently. I'll have to pick another race later in the year to get into a faster wave for next year's race! Maybe I'll find one on my next business trip to sea level. :D


Total for the day was 8 miles (counting warm up, and a 1.4 mile run between the two brunches I went to.

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4.5 today. Was going for 5 but, after stopping for a quick drink at 4 miles, I just couldn't get going again and gave in to the heat after another half mile of trying.
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7.1 miles this morning.  Thinking I may take a down week so instead of mid-40s I will go with 30-35 miles to give myself a rest.

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3 miles yesterday morning
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7.5 miles of single track yesterday.
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Light workout and 3.5 miles
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Maybe we should add what we ran what distance on... Concrete, trails, sand.
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I usually add the surface if it is something other than standard road running.  I guess adding feet of gain may help judge the run as well.  I am not running 6 minute miles in Tennessee that were pretty easy in flat Ohio.

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