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1870 m in 08:42 but I had been on the mountain next door (1400 ish m) before so most of the juice was gone, it seems.
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10 miles of mixed terrain and somewhat hilly. This was my longest run so far this year.
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Followed up yesterday's long run with an easy paced 10.5 road miles. Last back to back long runs and now start tapering late next week.
Ready for 50k distance, elevation will be tough.Out and back elevation map below. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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That Rollins Creek hill looks like a tough steep climb on the back.  Good luck!

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Easy four this afternoon. 36.25 for the month.
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3 miles yesterday.

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Finally got back out there for a slow 6 mile trot after recovering from a brutal flu and bronchitis (and a fractured rib which seems to be healing nicely) 

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6 miles
Fractured rib Blah? Yikes. Tough to run w that.
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6.9 this morning from the Presidio over the GG Bridge and back. Unfortunately, the same lower-calf issue that took me out in the fall came back toward the end. Now Bay To Breakers is in doubt, and I was going to run it with my 11 y.o. son.

I haz a sad.
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Rough to hear SB.  I ran a normal 8.2 mile route last night and am feeling it this morning.  Cramps in my legs which also occurred while sleeping.  My water intake is fine throughout the day I just think I need to rehydrate after an 80*+ and high humidity run to offset.

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6 mile lunch run. (42.25)
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7 miles.

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5.2 miles
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7.4 miles w hill repeats.
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5.7 miles which is day 133 in a row of running at least a mile.  There are a couple days with 2x runs but nothing far.

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