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7 miles including track workout with BTC. 20 for the month so far.
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3-4 everyday; it's the price I pay to enjoy cigars
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5.6 miles on flat ground @ 6:34/mi

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3.6 this morning
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Easy 2.25 this afternoon. 22.25 for the month.

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7.2 Tuesday and 3.5 Wednesday.
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1870 m in 08:21. I'm losing what little muscles I had last year due to only running three times a week. frown.gif
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More flats so 6.8 miles at 6:42/mi

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@jbarwick, do you do any easy pace runs? Or are you a 4:15 mile pace guy in races?
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@Fueco - Ha.  I don't run many races but my marathon PR is 3:22 and 5K is something like 23 min for a timed event.  I just run by feel.  My normal Nashville running is in the 7:45-8:00/mi range through 12 miles but this is roads with maybe 800 ft gain.  Trails I slow down a bit but again it is feel mostly.  


My limiter is really heat and Ohio has had some mid-40s temps recently so I can run fast while I am here.  Once it gets mid-70s and above, it is tough to run for me and I slow down considerably.  Hell it was tough to run 12 miles of roads with 80* temps and only 25oz of water.  

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12.5 miles w tempo intervals of 1 mile.
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only 5 miles(:

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11.2 miles yesterday, 4.3 miles today.

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1870 m in 08:12, same time as yesterday. May run earlier tomorrow which may help due to warmer air.
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21 miles on single and double track today. About 2800 ft elevation change. Never saw another person.
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